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The ‘Non’ campaign so far

There is a stirring of campaign groups to oppose the EU constitution ratification in France. My latest posting on Combat links to the ‘acceptable’ opposition groups. To these we could add the far-right, who will no doubt be excluded from the ‘official No campaign’.

Our biggest problem at the moment is the total lack of a mainstream anti-EU press. This is not that different from the Maastricht campaign of 1992, and at least the Internet is reducing the organisational advantage to the political establishment. We may also have funding problems, though this is not the concern right now.

At the moment, the main job is trying to establish who can vote and where. The big questions concern foreigners. Can they vote? Can they donate funds to the campaigns? I shall keep posting.

The good news today is a rumour of dissent in the French Socialist Party. The leadership has committed the Party to voting ‘Yes’, wheras many members would have liked to wait until the text was actually available in September before deciding.

3 comments to The ‘Non’ campaign so far

  • Jonathan L

    The campaign has to play to France’s national inferiority complex and the fact that this marks the loss of France’s dominance of the EU.

    Spread rumours about the end of CAP and changes to be made in Labour laws making the sacking of workers (especially public sector ones) easier.

    Once the unions and farmers are firmly against, you’ve won.

    OK so its bending principles a long way, but if you want a result….

  • Well in the UK there are Eurosceptical mainstream papers, but it is sad that there are none such on the continent.

    I like the idea above…sneaky underhanded…ie perfect politics!

  • I’d prefer a more direct, honest approach.

    Don’t vote for it if you haven’t read it.
    All of it.

    At some 500 pages long …