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Global warming is Good for Capitalism

Now where did that come from?

Japan’s economy is actually growing at more than a statistically obvious rate for the first time properly since the 1980s. The fact that a heatwave is being credited with boosting business leads to the obvious conclusion.

Global warming is Good for Capitalism. Light those brown coal fires now! Chop down those hedgerows! Hunt those whales! Bring back leaded gasoline!

4 comments to Global warming is Good for Capitalism

  • Leaded gasoline? Exposure to lead can cause brain damage and voting for leftists!

    At least that’s the only way to explain urban voting patterns.

  • Aelfrith

    There is a historical link between global warming and economics growth. A similar rise in world temperatures from 900AD to 1100AD led to Europe leaving the dark ages and western europe enjoying a level of urbanisation and population density that wasn’t seen after the black death until the 18th century. In contrast, the ‘mini ice age’ of the 16th and 17th century led to a series of wars, famines and plagues. Surely though a rise in global temperatures would mean less demand for clothes and heating products.

  • Cydonia

    Classic case of stupid economics.

    The link suggests that the “boom” has been triggered by spending on air conditioning and stuff like that, to combat the adverse effects of the heatwave. By parity of reasoning, the thing which would really get the Japanese economy going would be a major earthquake. Or even better, a war. Just think of the boom in the building industry, that would cause.