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The Cost of Cowardice

The Government of the Philippines, like the Spanish government before it, has stared into the face of evil… and capitulated.

They are pulling their troops out of Iraq to appease terrorists and keep head on shoulders of one of their citizens. One can make many arguments pro and con about the decision they, as a sovereign nation, have made. I am not going to fight those one way or the other. I merely wish to point to consequences which will almost certainly follow hard on the heels of their decision.

Unlike Spain, the Philippines have not bought even a temporary respite by their action. They have a local flock of Islamist nutcases to worry about in Mindanao: the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The MILF operate far to the south of Manila perhaps… but perhaps not far enough. This home team watches television, reads newspapers and follows the internet just like every other revolutionary group on this planet.

MILF leaders will already be pondering tactical changes. How much might they accomplish by kidnapping a few high profile persons? Would al Jazeera be willing to send a camera crew that distance for a beheading? How far will the government cave in? The government in Manila has made its choice. Now they must live it.

Actions have consequences.

8 comments to The Cost of Cowardice

  • Julian Morrison

    Those terrorists should sack their acronym chooser..

  • Rob Read

    Beaten to it by Julian. I wonder what google hits this particular article will get; certainly some disapointed one handed typists I’m guessing.

  • Wili Wáchendon

    Hehehe. Yup, that was my first thought too. I mean really, how do they expect us to take them seriously? “We are MILF, and we demand.. hey! Stop laughing!”.

    Even worse than the Coalition for the Liberation of Itinerate Tree-Dwellers

  • Sandy P

    They didn’t just capitulate, they paid $6million, IIRC, for the privilege.

    There must be consequences.

  • Dragon Fly

    You are correct in saying:

    This home team watches television, reads newspapers and follows the internet just like every other revolutionary group on this planet.

    In fact, there are 500,000 muslims in Manila. Many of whom attend a mosque that is “staffed” by former leaders in the MNLF. The MNLF–as some of you may know–was the original MILF, until discontent over the frothing levels splintered the nut’s shell into several directions.

    I have been inside this hornets nest. And it is a tedious balance that is maintained–at best–between the muslims and everyone else. Now, however, Gloria has given the extremists an oppurtunity to function from a position of strength. And like a five year old hyped on sugar, there is no rationalizing with these monsters.

  • Gee, terrorists can scare the Philippines, that great power of the Pacific. We ought to be concerned. Especially when their large contigent of three priests, two cooks and a duck hunter were already scheduled to leave in a month…

  • R C Dean

    Well, since the Philippines is reported to have also paid a $6 million dollar ransom, and has a record of paying ransoms, this is a big deal. A $6mm cash injection for the terrorists in Iraq will buy a lot of bombs, bullets, and crooked collaborators.

    If the reports are true, the Philippines has well and truly joined the other side by acting as an active financier of terror. One hopes there will be severe diplomatic consequences. Even if the US’s hands are tied, Iraq now has the ability to impose diplomatic consequences of its own.

  • A_t

    hehe… glad other pple spotted their lame acronym…

    “Would al Jazeera be willing to send a camera crew that distance for a beheading?”

    seems somewhat unfair; as far as I’m aware, they may have broadcast some pretty gruesome footage, but have not actively/passively taken part in any atrocities. To portray/view them as the enemy seems unwise.