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Small print

One of the less trumpeted reforms of the European Union, brought about by the increase in the number of member states in May this year, is the reduction of British European Commissioners from two to one.

The news that arch-urophile Peter Mandelson is to replace both Neil Kinnock and Chris Patten gives me mixed feelings.

On the one hand there will be even less chance of dissent from the urophile orthodoxy. On the other hand one can hardly be too sad at the removal of Messrs Kinnock and Patten and their replacement by only one bureaucrat.

So what else is in the small print that somehow failed to get reported?

3 comments to Small print

  • At least with Kinnock there was no chance that he would do anything to advance the European cause. He must surely come close to the top of the list of all time “joke” politicians. He wil be remembered for ?????

  • Lorenzo

    Loosing to John Major is what Kinnock will be remembered for.

    Must say it was hardly a secret that the number of commissioners was reduced. Thankfully they did not decide to increase the number to 40 with the new members. Some of the portfolios would have been ridiculus.

  • Over here he will be remembered for is his desperate chase after whistle blowers