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Iranian Prince tells it like it is

The official Iranian delegation to the “Crans Montana Forum” in Switzerland were rather surprised by the special appearance of Reza Pahlavi, son of the late Shah of Iran. His speech on the “Risks of Doing Business with the Islamic Republic” are available in their entirety on the SMCCDI website.

This small sample will give you some idea how blunt the Prince was in his takedown of the mullahcracy:

Second, my message to Western governments is to demonstrate their unity against the Islamic Republic’s policies in a less mistakable and much more pointed manner. Diluted signals are likely to lead to the nuclearization of the world’s foremost terrorist state. I fear that, at some point, a limited military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities may become inevitable, giving the regime an excuse to fan a nationalist reaction. Considering the fact that Iranians, particularly the young generation, favor the West more than anywhere else in the Islamic world, the military option will be the most unfortunate. It will damage the popular base and natural anchor of an increasingly connected globe in the Islamic world, an outcome that serves no one’s interest but the Islamic Republic.”

8 comments to Iranian Prince tells it like it is

  • Guy Herbert

    Not exactly a disinterested observer, though, is he? His father got power through a Western-backed coup, and lost it because the West couldn’t face down the mullahs.

    He’s unlikely to have been persona grata with them in the last quarter-century or to have had significant contact in his early years, so its hard to see where his expertise on the subject of internal conditions in Iran today might come from. But it is very easy to see why he might have a personal preference for a confrontational line.

  • bob

    you better shut up
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  • Sasan Basiri

    We are all at risk if the Islamic Republic goes nuclear, so the fact that Reza Pahlavi is a dis-interested observer is quite immaterial. The fact is Mr. Pahlavi is highlighting the dangers of one of the most serious threats to western and also global interests of our time. Indeed the developments of the past two weeks with regards to Iran’s decision to resume manufacturing centrifude parts and the enrichment of uranium demonstrates how detemined they are and how seriously the west should take the threat posed by them.

  • Susan

    Pahlavi regularly addresses Iranian audiences on the Persian-language satellite channels from Los Angeles. He has become quite popular in Iran now, as a matter of fact.

    His ambition is to return to Iran as a constitutional monarch of a democracy, a la Juan Carlos of Spain. He says he rejects the absolute monarchy of his father. Time will tell if he is sincere.

  • Susan

    He has his own website if anyone is interested in reading his speeches and press releases:


  • Roger L Simon

    Is Samizdata participating in Blog for Iran by the way?

    For those who do not know what 18 Tir is, please see this:

  • Susan

    Sorry, that second link didn’t go through. Here it is:

    18th of Tir

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