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Be prepared!

We have already been alerted to a website Preparing for Emergencies that, for some strage reason, the statists want dismantled immediately.

It is remarkably similar in domain name and style to the timewasting “offishal” preparingforemergencies.org.uk. Be quick to check it out as its death sentence has alreday been pronounced on Radio 4… They are not amused.

Thanks to Tony Millard for the link.

11 comments to Be prepared!

  • Gabriel,

    If you know these folks, we’d be happy to host them on our site… away from the .gov.uk’s prying little fingers.

  • This really does emphasise what a humourless bunch of power crazed loons are in power. Every day I laugh about the fact that I’m dying. Wouldn’t you think that the government could laugh about the fact that they’re stupid.

  • JuliaM

    I looked at this site yesterday, nearly fell off my chair laughing! Sent it to all my friends (most of whom work for one Govt dept or another) so it’s probably the most looked-up webpage on govt webservers now, if the speed of departmental spread of other ‘funnies’ is any indicator…..

    I also sent the creator a supportive email – let’s hope he responds to the Govt’s heavy-handedness the way Kerry’s wife did at the Democratic Convention – with a heartfelt ‘Shove it’!

  • It is a fantastic spoof of the original site 🙂

    My question would be, though, does the government currently have the right/power to order the comedy site down?

    The letter sent to the author seems to be nothing more than a ‘please’ said through gritted teeth.


  • R C Dean

    Just exactly what statute can the government point to when ordering this website shut down?

    I have often found that bullying bureaucrats can be shut up just by asking them to send a copy of the legal authority under which they are acting. An appalling number of times, there isn’t any – it was just some puffed-up do-gooder with their snout in the taxpayer trough ordering people about to achieve whatever agenda he had personally adopted.

  • Heh. Has anybody here ever played the game, Paranoia? This website reminds me of that.

    Stay alert!
    Trust no one!
    Keep your laser handy!

  • The Last Toryboy: yes, ‘Paranoia(Link)‘ was a hilarious game (did you know a new version(Link) is in the works?)… and you forgot the most important order:

    Happiness is mandatory!

  • You know what they say about standing up to bullies. It looks like the website is here to stay(Link).

  • nick timms

    nearly choked with laughing so much.

  • Dwight

    Is it too late? Can no longer link. ¿Que pasa?

  • Thats a great site – love the mick taking