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Oh dear! How tragic!

Michael Moore bans Michael Moore?

It seems the new stupid campaign finance regulations in the USA (the result of Michael Moore’s years of vomit among others) are about to be used to restrict distribution of Moore’s latest wind-up.

Because the law attempts to prohibit all sorts of ‘in kind’ donations to the Republicans [I meant political parties], making a movie that plugs one candidate at the expense of another in election year could be ruled “interference” by the Federal Electoral Commission. I wonder how Michael Moore feels being felt sorry for by the US Libertarian Party.

Of course it is a shocking abuse of the US constitution. (sigh) How sad!

7 comments to Oh dear! How tragic!

  • Charlie (Colorado)

    How long do you think this will last before we see in the media that the McCain-Feingold Act was a Republican plot?

  • Sandy P

    Congress shall make no law.

    Seems pretty clear to me.

  • Katherine

    “Congress shall make no law”

    Well, yes, but they did, the Prez signed it and the Supremes deemed it to be A-OK. This must be the nuance we hear so much about.

  • Katherine

    BTW, Circumferentially Challenged Mickey will not be the first victim of this infamous Act. Here in CA networks were prohibited from showing Schwarzenegger movies prior to the recall elections…

  • He combines this with old fashioned electoral fraud. He turns out to be registered to vote in both NY and Michigan.

    He may take up enough seating for two normal people, so he thinks that gives him the right to vote twice.

  • Looks like the FEC has told the Republicans to sod off.

    Three Cheers for the First Amendment!

    Uh, guys? The First Amendment? You know, that Amendment all you self-proclaimed libertarians like to drag out from time to time.

    Come on, Hip, Hip…

  • It might just be a case of “Poetic justice” 🙂

    Maybe after this, the supporters of such stupid laws will understand that they will always backfire and drop them altogether…

    In France, every time a party got into power, it tries to manipulate election laws, districts etc. to win again more easily, but it never works and actually backfires. Admittedly, they don’t learn anything from the past, so maybe I’m overly optimistic and credit politicians with intelligence they just don’t have…