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The interesting world of Blog Irish

If reading about the failing of Robert Fisk and being hunted in a pub by ‘peace’ activist harridans if your cup of tea (it certainly is mine), then you could do worse than read the compelling and pleasingly off-beat Blog Irish:

Having exhausted her ignorance on the subject of Eamo, she suggested that we discuss the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We suggested that after five pints that was probably not a good idea.

With no further ado, she started screeching at the top of her lungs at us. We walked to the other end of the pub, and she followed, still screeching. The pub patrons and staff took no notice whatsoever. She left, and returned five minutes later with five angry women who were apparently going to show us the error of our ways. They searched through the pub, and though we were sitting near the entrance, affected not to see us, and left.

It is a funny old world.

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5 comments to The interesting world of Blog Irish

  • ed

    Interesting indeed. It’s a very worthwhile meander through the absurd crowd that make up the elite of the anti-war consensus. Bran keeps his cool brilliantly.

  • That video of Fisk going batshit when called on his lies has redefined “Must-See TV”.

  • I did run into quite a few of those characters back in Dublin. Usually, they contradict themselves in a major way by the time their third pint has settled. Almost like clockwork. Go figure.

  • Take two. After watching the video, I am as bummed as amused by the scene. I had the pleasure to drink – way too much – with Eamon Dunphy on a couple of occasions at one of his favorite hangouts and had I realized he was a Fisk fan, it could have made things very interesting indeed.

    So many whiskeys, so many missed opportunities…I’ll go drink to get over it.

  • Sandy P

    So, where does the redhead get the money to flit around the world?