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The good news you don’t hear

Despite the best efforts of the Negatroid Hordes to convince us otherwise, much in Iraq is going very well.

DEMOCRACY TAKES ROOT: Democracy is spreading – from the ground up, as it should: “In the province of Dhi Qar, about 230 miles southeast of Baghdad and a backwater even by Iraq’s standards, residents voting as families will have elected city councils in 16 of the 20 biggest cities by next month.”

Read the whole article and then ask yourself where the journalists have been. No, not just their heads. We know where those are.

6 comments to The good news you don’t hear

  • Shawn

    Lets see how long it takes the isolationists to figure out how to spin this negatively or deny it outright.


  • R C Dean

    The journalists have been by the pool or propping up the bar at the Hotel Palestine in Baghdad, of course, waiting for their ex-Baathist minders to tell them where the juicy anti-American photo op will be today.

  • Jussi Hämäläinen

    General Abizaid,why do you hate freedom?

    “I would predict, and I think Rick (Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez) will agree with me, that the situation will become more violent even after sovereignty because it will remain unclear what’s going to happen between the interim government and elections,” said Abizaid, who is responsible for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    General,it is obvious to me that you need to watch more Fox News.Turn off that Liberal media!

  • WJ Phillips

    Well, I couldn’t care less what system of local government the Iraqis have. I’m an isolationist because Iraq is none of Britain’s business and is costing us a lot of money which would be better spent on our own people.

  • H.

    Set against a continuing security nightmare, the threat of civil war, an ever more visceral hatred of the occupying forces by the Iraqi population, the abscence of any credible authority for power to be handed over to, the daily slayings of US troops, the almost daily PR and strategic cock-ups, etc., etc., that list of “good news” seems counterproductively thin. As for the billions of dollars pumped into Iraq in construction projects, what I hear from people I know working out there is that the corruption involved makes the UN oil-for-aid scandal look like a tea party, with $100,000 contracts handed out for $5,000 paint jobs and millions disappearing into nowhere. How anyone can spin all this into a success story is beyond me.

  • steph

    The truith seams to be some where in between. According to an Army major of my aquantance, the situation is spoty. In some areas where the military commander is good so is the situation. But in other areas it is a mess. The CPA central authority is supossed to be FUBAR run by people from the State Department who are in country for 90 shifts with no time to gain experence.