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Understatement of the Week


I am H-A-P-P-Y.

I know I am.

I am sure I am.

I am H-A-P-P-Y.

16 comments to Understatement of the Week

  • Antoine Clarke

    Off to Monte Carlo?

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    And what’s even better is that David Spice and Real Madrid were eliminated, too. 🙂 Of course, they shouldn’t have gotten past Bayern München, but Ollie Kahn let in that #$@%!@#$ goal in the first leg….

  • Steve in Houston

    I have a very good friend who’s a lifelong diehard Arsenal fan.

    I believe I will give him a very wide berth this week.

  • The Wobbly Guy

    That was an awesome match. High paced action, incredible skill, and a thrilling finish. No player had a second to settle on the ball. It was trap and move/pass immediately.

    Chelsea defended well, and Jesper Gronkjear’s(sp) introduction at half time to introduce more pace and width to the Chelsea attack on the right made all the difference, stretching the compact Arse defence and exposing Ashley Cole.

    Congrats to Chelsea, Ranieri, and Abramovich!

    The Wobbly Guy

  • Andy Duncan

    Oh well, maybe one day we Sheffield Wednesday fans will get to feel the same way again, too! 🙂

    In the meantime, for all similarly depressed Owls fans, to cheer yourself up get hold of my old friend Daniel Gordon’s book, Blue and White Wizards.

    Oh happy days playing the old Chelsea in 1991, in the League Cup semi-finals. But as one blue to another, congratulations to the new Chelsea, and I’ll be backing them all the way to the final.

    Jumpers for goalposts? Marvellous.

  • Frank P

    Tranzi-multi-culti endeavour at its most frenetic; with an overarching capitalistic purpose and the undertone of money laundering facilities for the mafia core of a failed communist empire. And dare I say that the Gallic tendency towards capitulation showed through in the second half. Perhaps Chirac did a deal with Arsenal through Wenger, to further cement the ententski cordialski forged before the USA v Iraq match. Why else would Arsene take Pires off first leg and Henry second leg? The beautiful game! Enough to make Les Compton turn in his grave.

    At least two Englishmen scored what turned out to be the winning goals. And David is h-a-p-p-y. Funny old world, ennit?

  • Andrew Duffin

    And the Avs are in the playoffs.

    So I am happy too.

    Does anybody care much?

  • Andy

    Keep the faith, lad. Mind you, this still doesn’t pay Arse back for those two finals in 1993. I worry, though, that you may be in favour of Ken B***s taking over our beloved club. Copying Chelsea may be all very well, but that would be going too far.

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    Andrew Duffin wrote:

    And the Avs are in the playoffs.

    So I am happy too.

    Does anybody care much?

    Unfortunately, the Avs are one of the teams ESPN insist on hyping, which I as a Devils fan find intensely irritating. (And no, the Devils aren’t “boring” — they just go out and play hockey as opposed to looking for the limelight.)

  • Andy

    I’m happy twice! The Wings are in the playoffs (complete with President’s Trophy)!

    And, I’m going to the Sumo tournament in May in Tokyo! 2nd row, on the 2nd floor! Whee!

  • Whip

    The Avalanche have been floundering for the last month or so. There is no way that they’ll be able to just “turn it on” now that the playoffs are here. They’re toast.

    Here in Denver, I am hopefull for the Nugs. Lord knows how I have suffered as a Nugs fan for the last ten years. Perhaps my patience will be rewarded…

  • Andy Duncan

    Old Owl writes:

    Mind you, this still doesn’t pay Arse back for those two finals in 1993.

    Ah yes, but I can still see Mister Sterland picking up the ball in his own box, on his way to score against the Arse at the other end, about 1.9 seconds later. Now THAT was a goal! 🙂

    I worry, though, that you may be in favour of Ken B***s taking over our beloved club.

    Hmmm…. Tell you what, I’ll give you a choice: Mr B takes over, and in 10 years time we’re second in the premier league, and just beaten the Arse in a European quarter final, we’ve won the FA Cup a couple of times, and Mr B has trousered 10 million quid in the process. Second option: Vauxhall conference.
    Third option: Merger with another team in Sheffield, you know the one, the one 006 and Boromir supports. New team plays mostly in red and white, with blue piping on the socks.

    I’m unsure as to whether I’d enjoy the Chairman electrocuting me, for straying too near to the pitch, but given choices 2 and 3, I’ll take option 1, unless there’s something else on offer? Dear God, that it should come to this.

  • Here in Denver, I am hopefull for the Nugs.

    I’m looking forward to smoking a few nugs once Lent is over.

  • Frank P


    You still happy? Even an Arse hater, if also a member of the football congnoscenti, must have experienced today the sheer bliss of M. Henry zig-zagging through the Scouse statues; then once again zapping the chosen exact six inch square of the net, as part of an unforgetable hat trick. Made Nureyev look like a cart-horse by comparison.

    But in view of today’s performance, vis-a-vis the Chelski match, I shall be very suspicious if he transfers to The Bridge next season! The treatment must have been very effective. Ham string? Or Ham strung?