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DNA Database By Stealth

Unpersons alerted us to the news that from today British police may legally and against the will of any law-abiding subject, take DNA samples and fingerprints from any arrested person without that person having even been charged with committing a criminal act.

We can but echo the good Unpersons concerns:

The law now leaves British police officers free to help Blunkett establish one of the most ambitious and truly disturbing elements of the British police state that he has slowly but surely been working to create over the last few years. In a country where the state can take over half of your income, charge you expenses when it wrongly imprisons you – yet fail to defend you after it has crushed the right to self-defence, send parents to jail for not sending their children to state day-care centres schools, steal your property because ‘you couldn’t possibly have earned that much money without selling illegal drugs’ whilst slowly handing over control to a foreign power, attempt to dictate what you eat ‘for your own good’ and generally treat its citizens as its troublesome children one has to wonder to what extent we already live in a police state.

This has not been a good week.

1 comment to DNA Database By Stealth

  • Guy Herbert

    It has to be borne in mind that this goes with an ever-widening power of arrest.

    The most interesting and depressing thing about the report is that the PM is urging police to use the power. He apparently wants a large database for its own sake, whereas–since it costs money, takes time, will be unpopular with suspects, and physically hazardous if resisted–the police left to their own devices will probably only use it in situations where they feel it will be worthwhile.