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Blair Repeats Support for Identity Cards

Speaking at his monthly news conference, Prime Minister Tony Blair has repeated his support for David “Big” Blunkett’s plan to impose compulsory national Identity Cards on innocent British citizens.

Blair claimed that there was “no longer a civil liberties objection” to ID Cards and that the only thing holding them back was logistics.

This statement shows Blair’s lack of understanding of the concept of civil liberties. Identity Cards turn citizens into suspects and deprive people of privacy.

The civil liberties objections to ID Cards are as strong now as they were fifty years ago.

Update: In the Guardian: PM hints at imminent ID card move.

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1 comment to Blair Repeats Support for Identity Cards

  • Tim

    What happened to the 10,000 volunteer trial strating last December – I volunteered but am still waiting to trial my card – a cynic would guess that the trial was either only done with friendlies or else will never happen…