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John Kerry, terrorist collaborator

After reading this article you will no doubt sense a bit of hostility towards Senator Kerry from young Iranians:

We have read how you refer to the theocratic regime in Iran as a ‘democracy’ we have heard how, if elected, as the president of the United States you intend to ‘engage’ this barbaric regime; this very terrorist regime that your own State Department lists as the most active ‘State Sponsor of Terrorism’.

Why is it, Senator, in all your statements, you don’t, even once, mention the oppressed and suffering masses of Iran? Obviously, as long as there is such preoccupation with appeasing the regime the people of Iran don’t even enter your equation!

These are among the less heated statements about Kerry’s plans to work closely with terrorists or ‘engage’ them if you will. I really would be interested in knowing what new set of american values he intends to institute. Like the Iranian students, I cannot see how any existing ones would apply.

6 comments to John Kerry, terrorist collaborator

  • Rick

    John Kerry thinks he can use his medals and his self-righteous tone to shield himself from criticism on any foreign policy issue. Perhaps he will succeed, but I predict that before next November voters will come to see him ass a modern-day Neville Chamberlain.

  • RickM

    Senator Kerry might remember that the best way to “engage” your enemies is by fire and manuever.

  • Sandy P.

    Kerry doesn’t want W to use his 32-year voting record against the military against him.

    He served in Viet Nam. How dare he question Kerry’s patriotism!

  • Theodopoulos Pherecydes

    “I’m just a gigolo, and everywhere I go
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    Selling each romance (so much for romance)
    Oh, what they’re saying
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  • Rick.V.

    It went largely unnoticed but John Kerry also has attempted to torpedo the North Korean talks. He put out a statement that he would immediately enter into bi-lateral discussion with North Korea and end Bush’s “Unilateral” approach.

    Bush has actually been trying to create a regional solution but including China, South Korea, and Japan in the discussion and making the solution a joint one rather than the now failed bi-lateral “NK threatens and the US pays” approach. Getting all the parties involved has been a major struggle. (You can read more about the details at USS Clueless just search for North Korea).

    In one fell swoop, he has guaranteed no progress in North Korea until after the election. He has promised the North Koreans the bi-lateral talks they want if they just hold out. He has promised to go back to the old ways that didn’t work.

    Did he have to say that now? Well, he could have easily waited until July but then Bush may have had another success like Libya to point to. He could have been less explicit about how he would handle NK, but then Bush might have had another success like Libya to point to. He could have supported the policy of a regional solution rather than Bush’s “Unilateral” approach without anyone questioning him (after all the press didn’t ask how involving China, Japan, and South Korea make an approach “Unilateral”) but then Bush might … well you get the picture.

    Next time you read about the North Korean guglag, remember John Kerry has done his best to extend it by six months.

  • David Kenney

    Well, your running for the top position , You want to be number 1, lead man. IM looking at the photo of you Mr Kerry, running for President. and In front of you are two Pumpkins, in one is a great big J carved in it and the other has a K. I seen that and the first thing I thought was,,,, J ust K idding.
    You dont belong in office Mr.
    Your going to get your tush in too deep, and your going to cry. You will weep like a new born baby.

    To This I Will LMAO.