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Where are the Samizdatistas?

Well, the truth is that at a party someone handed out a link to this dropping ball simulator, descibed by its author as using “physics simulation of elastic masses to make a controlled metaphysical musical system with simple rules that mimic nature”. Actually, my knowledge of physics suggests that it doesn’t mimic nature all that closely, but none the less it is possible to get some nice demonstrations of chaos like things and emergent behaviour if you try.

Plus of course it is more addictive than crack. That is our dirty little secret. The Samizdatistas have spent the last three days staring at our screens watching little white balls bounce backwards and forwards and listening to beeping noises. Occasionally something really extraordinary like the sound of a French woman’s voice or perhaps a cricket match is enough to rouse us briefly, but it doesn’t last long……

(Link via Bruce Sterling).

4 comments to Where are the Samizdatistas?

  • Brian Micklethwait


    Where I am is unable to post stuff. Hopwever, I can still comment, because that’s a different system.

    It all began when you switched my posting system from me to Samizdata Illuminatus, in order to post that brief statement about France. And by the time I had finished trying to switch myself back again I was mysteriously but permanently excluded.

    Does this means I am about to become one of those snarky, wasp in a jamjar commenters? Could be.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • dry

    A Message From The NHS

    Drinking and blogging don’t mix.

    Please don’t drink and blog.

  • R C Dean

    Just arriving back from Christmas vacation, is where this Samizdatista is.

  • M. Simon

    I have taken to studying maximal length with minimum logic psuedo random number generators.

    With reel world applications like making noise.

    Don’t you wish you had a hobby?