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Weekend of Rock

Not only am I trying to cope with the steady flow of work related parties that have started to appear in my diary in the run up to Christmas, but I agreed to go out on Friday with Andrew Dodge to the Monster Magnet launch party at the Barfly in Camden, not that it takes much persuading when there is free beer and good music on the agenda. We were treated to a live set from Monster Magnet, and if you have ever been to the Barfly you will know it is not a big place, so it was a real treat considering they were playing the Forum the next day (and that’s a big place). As Andrew points out in his posting covering the same gig we were mixing with the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Die So Fluid , however what he does not mention is that he had the hots for Grog, their lead singer,

so we spent a large proportion of the night chatting to her, not that I was complaining until the next day when I discovered I had lost my voice.

The following night was spent at the Brixton Academy watching The Darkness play. Again I was with Andrew with the added value of Anna of leather catsuit fame from the bloggers party, although this time it was not planned as we had both got tickets separately. I have seen them live before, and they did not disappoint on a second viewing. Their mixture of Rock and Irony (give me a D… Give me an Arkness…) is refreshing in the current world of dance and manufactured pop music you hear on the radio all the time. On the way out we bumped into Nik who had arranged the Monster Magnet party and his voice was worse than mine. At least I was able to talk by Saturday evening!

8 comments to Weekend of Rock

  • Dave, it was the other way round. I was the bloke that was remaining “aloof” next to the bar with you. She was the one that kept coming over to me not the other way round.

    What Dave doesn’t say is that he blanked Kelly Osbourne, when she was chatting with Grog. I didn’t even realise it was she until Grog told me.

    I will admit that Grog is rather lovely young lady. Certainly beats hanging out with smelly grunge-grrls.

  • Chris Goodman


  • Sounds like a hoot! Looks like I missed a great night out, though I must say I had a rather engaging evening myself anyway courtesy of the Dodge Family

  • slightlyintoxicated

    Does Anna need a groupie/stalker??
    Or anyone to polish her shoes (with tongue?)
    It would be my pleasure. Regular chastisement is encouraged but not essential.

    *worship worship*

  • No she has plenty already :p Besides that is not Anna, its Grog. I am willing to bet she has plenty too.

  • Mo Betta Blues

    Does she have osteoporosis? She seems kinda hunched over.

  • snide

    Is that what passes for humor in your parts, Mo Betta Blues?

    You can’t spell? Are you kinda hunched over your keyboard?

  • I think Dave and I can attest to the fact she can stand up rather straight and true.