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The End of Democracy in Britain?

Achtung! Achtung!

The Slovene Red Army has finally broken through to the leafy suburbs of London!

6 comments to The End of Democracy in Britain?

  • Pretty much sums up my attitude to cats.

  • Verity

    Why did they use cats? (I haven’t figured out how to get sound on my computer, so maybe it’s explained through the music.) Cats are the one creature of the planet that doesn’t stamp! They’re lightfooted, although able to lie on their backs and claw your throat out, Patrick Crozier. They’re also not pack animals. What am I missing?

  • Because Rathergood nearly always use cats!

    Have you not seen the Viking Kittens, or We Love the Moon? Philistine! 🙂

  • Antoine Clarke

    No sound?

    As the man said:

    “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”

  • Kirk Parker

    Uhh, can somebody please explain why the Slovene Red Army cats are “singing” in German?

  • Sigivald

    Kirk: Because Laibach traditionally does German lyrics. I believe, much like picking their name, they primarily did this to annoy the Communists who ran the country when they started. (Laibach is the German name for Ljubljana, I believe, and its use (at least as a placename, and then later in any of the band’s posters) was forbidden by the Yugoslav government.)

    Man, a new Laibach album comes out and THIS is how I find out?