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Dissident Frogman rises to the challenge once again

In the comment section of David Carr‘s article here on Samizdata.net called Government Property, one of the commenters, Tim Haas, suggested the inimitable Dissident Frogman should come up with a suitable graphic… and indeed he has!

click for larger image

9 comments to Dissident Frogman rises to the challenge once again

  • Another superb graphic from Le Dissident.

    Excellent stuff.

  • Tim Haas

    Crikey, what service! I’m going to start coming to this bar more often.

    Merci, M. Frogman!

  • Jonathan L

    Already changed my desktop, from the other DF graphic that was there.

    Thanks Dissident

  • Splendid stuff- new desktop for me too.

  • Tatyana

    Message is clear and expressed very well, with one small thing, though: Russian “D” where “A” should be only muddles the message. Besides, it’s unpronounceable. I would rather change “i”to the Russian one. But, of course- I might be mistaken and that wasn’t DF’ intention altogether

  • Tim Haas

    I think the Russian “D” works beautifully — non-Russian speakers don’t see it as a D, but do recognize it as a Russian character and understand the sinister implications. Same thing with the “E” in citizens — either a backwards Russian “eh” or a euro symbol.

  • I read Russian and I am on this one with Tim Haas, Tatyana. Besides, he also has a designer artistic license…

  • The other day I called for information about my employer-provided dental insurance. The woma on the phone asked me for my ID number. When I recited my six-digit policy number, she interrupted; “Your Social Security number is your ID number.” Aetna Insurance is a private company, and my SSN is my ID.


  • Tim Haas

    Make them change it to another number. Keep going up the supervisory ladder till they capitulate. I’ve done this with insurance companies, colleges, and cell phone companies, and I even refused to put SSNs on my family’s passport applications. (Yes, we got our passports.) Constant agitation and eternal vigilance, I’m afraid. But, so be it.