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New from Baghdad

I’ve lately been following the writing of the new kid on the Baghdad block.

Good stuff, well worth a regular read.

2 comments to New from Baghdad

  • Charles Copeland

    ‘Healing Iraq’ is a good read (though there’s so much stuff about Iraq on the Net that it’s not easy to prioritise). Yet I’d take some of its observations and forecasts with a grain of salt. It is almost certain that the author (‘Zeyad’) is an ultra-Zionist posing as an Iraqi citizen, since no Arab with an ounce of nous would include a link to the pro-censorship ‘Anti-Defamation League’, a fanatically Zionist organisation that considers any criticism of Israel to be an instantiation of antisemitism.

    Fee Fie Foe Fum ….

  • Dale Amon

    I doubt it.