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Financial improvement

Alice Bachini sincerely wants to be rich.

Hello. While I am on light blogging duties, I thought I would set you all some homework. Regular readers of this blog will have noticed that my quest to become a hard-nosed international millionaire businesswoman is still pretty much in its pre-foetal stages. I have considered many career paths, and various means of propulsion along them, including the possibility of multiply launching the whole set, yet somehow time still feels short (which, as we all know, is merely a conceptual illusion and not a true insight on anybody’s reality), learning still seems really difficult due to the technomoronicism curse, and generally other more urgent things seem to get in the way. You know, things like making toast and gallivanting around London.

Therefore, I am calling upon my readers yet again to offer their suggestions, tips and positive ideas (no need to tell me I’m an idiot doomed to failure, thank you) in a financially-improving direction. Whatever I do has to be extremely flexible, realistic, and clever enough to work for me. And that means clever. But you people are clever, right?

Some calling himself “I’m serious, and I’m too lazy”, supplied this really rather intelligent comment:

Interview the twenty richest persons in the UK. Or set your sights higher, and interview the twenty richest people in the world. Write it all down. Find a publisher. Title it, How the twenty richest people in the world became that way and how they keep it. Or just title it, How? and put a big green dollar sign on a yellow background, or pound or euro if you wish. Put your picture on the back in dark glasses (see above). You will make lots if you find a publisher. Even if not all twenty give you an interview, the reasons why they won’t will make a book that sells. If none of this works at least you will have had fun gallivanting, and you will made some excellent contacts and some good stories to tell your grandchildren. By all means wear those dark glasses and only remove them once you have the interview booked.

Anyone here got anything to add to that? Read Alice’s blog a bit to find out what kind of person she is, and then tell her what to do. (You people are clever, right?)

8 comments to Financial improvement

  • Jim Gerrish

    Well, about 75 years ago, a gentleman named Napoleon Hill tried much the same thing – and became a wealthy, much-published author and speaker as a result. Might work once again.

  • There are people here in New York who actually earn a living showing people wear to shop, e.g. all the used / vintage / wierd stores that only a dedicated local shopaholic clothes horse would know.

    Strange hours. Wierd people.

    What more could you want?

    Oh yeah. Money. that part sucks.

    Try again.

  • She should make money the old-fashioned way: marry it.

    Worked for John Kerry.

  • I suggest Alice teams up with me.

    I’m going to be rich pretty soon.

    For example, if she can find a way to get me some free hours off a US patent attorney (quite a test of skill, I know) then I will reward Alice with a percentage we agree in advance.

    Alice, do you have contacts? I have plenty of the other, though rather less valuable stuff (talent, experience, capacity to work hard, integrity) etc.

  • R.C. Dean

    Kim, I know a couple of people who have married money. It appears that, even when you marry money, you still wind up earning it.

  • mojo

    “pre-foetal stages”? WTF?

    What, it’s still a blastula?

    Find a new metaphor, please…

  • thanks for the info.

  • Well R.C.Dean, in partial support of your remark, there is the old, if sexist, saying “No man works as hard for his money as the man who marries it”.