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Wandering bloggers

Two members of the illustrious Samizdata Editorial Pantheon are going to be in the USA… myself and Adriana, on a mixture of indolent tourism and ardent capitalist business. We will be in Los Angeles from 10th -16th October and then in the New York/New Jersey area between 17th – 21st October before returning to London.

We would love to meet up with US bloggers and so we are organising blogger bashes, one which is already arranged in LA on Saturday 11th October… and one in NYC on Friday 17th October.

Please let us know if you would like to join us so we can get an idea regarding numbers.

That inimitable gentleman Brian Linse, Samizdata.net’s favourite pet pinko, will be hosting the West Coast blogger bash so numbers may be limited.

The splendiferous Jane Galt is heading up the where-and-when of the one in The Big Apple.

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