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Russell Whitaker is back in the building

Great personal friend, long-standing libertarian and self-defence enthusiast Russell Whitaker is back with his blog Survival Arts after a brief hiatus. Good to have you back!

And I was particularly interested in his take on the California recall election. In a nutshell, he is profoundly unimpressed with Arnold, preferring Republican alternative Tom McKlintock. The latter has gone on record time and again vowing to shrink the State’s crippling government spending and is a hardline defender of the Second Amendment.

Of course, can you imagine a single major Tory MP on this side of the Big Pond arguing such views at the moment?


4 comments to Russell Whitaker is back in the building

  • Part-Time Tory

    Errr…wasn’t there that, err…yunoo…thingy…, ummmm. No, on second thoughts, you’re right! 🙂

  • Antoine Clarke

    They’re campaigning for the abolition of fishing permits for freshwater anglers. Even though the Countryside Alliance opposes this idea on the grounds that the money actually goes to the upkeep of rivers and lakes.

    But abolish the Minimum Wage? Save hunting? Decrimilise non-metric scales for market traders?

  • Theodopoulos Pherecydes

    In preferring McClintock he goes for a candidate who went directly from college to sucking at the government teat without ever meeting or receiving from a payroll in the private sector.

  • Johnathan, what a surprise! Thanks for the warm welcome back.

    Theo: so, I’m supposed to prefer the “private sector graduate” Arnold… whose economic advisor is Warren Buffett, the wealthiest advocate for raising California taxes (e.g. already confiscatory property taxes), and whose campaign manager is Pete Wilson, who as California governor in 1991 pushed through the largest set of tax increases in California history? I’m supposed to prefer a candidate who advocates stronger victim disarmament laws in California, one who has said in public that he thinks we need an “improved Brady Bill”? No thanks.

    Yes, McClintock is a career politician, no doubt, and far from a pure libertarian, but he does what he says, and he’s the only guy in the field who has a chance of tearing down a significant portion of the California bureaucracy. He is a very firm defender of the individual right to keep and bear arms too, and is not afraid to say so.