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Nasty stuff in Iran

It is a beautiful day here in London, the sun is shining, I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend in the countryside. So this story comes along to make me lose a bit more sleep at night.

Whatever you think about George W. Bush’s pre-emption doctrine – and I confess to being a bit more doubtful than some more hawkish folk – this is worrying. Iran may still be some way off from developing nuclear weapons, but it appears the threat is getting closer. Stay tuned.

4 comments to Nasty stuff in Iran

  • Well, at least we have major forces and air bases real close to Iran now – we’ve surrounded them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Andu

    Sweet! If we kick Iran’s behind, then the US will control nearly 25% of the total production of OPEC! (about 75% of what Saudi Arabia produces).

    I think I shall get the tinfoil for my hat now 🙂

  • Kirsten Davenport

    I think it is absolutly amazing the power the u.s. holds over the world. If you look back at the worlds history many world leaders have over come and distroyed when in power. Don’t get me rong so did the u.s for say ‘slavery’? But now here in Amirica today the thought and the act of just every day citizens coming together in the time of need is just exquizet.
    By KIrsten Davenport, Shawnee,Oklahoma, U.S.A.

  • Jamel Henderson

    I like to have butt sex with little boys