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Tow Story

The latest flash adventure by our most splendid Dissident Frogman shows the correct application for the wonders of modern technology in Iraq.

Ignore the warning and…press the Red Button in the main column of the blog. Pure genius.

10 comments to Tow Story

  • Shaun Bourke

    Brilliant….what else can you say ??

    I wonder if the Dissident Frogman would like to do some commercials for Arnolds upcoming Gubernatorial campaign…….what a way to really piss-off Governor Grayout Davis and his Leftist hordes.

  • Well Shaun, why don’t you suggest some ideas to the dissident frogman then? 😉

    Pissing off the Leftist hordes around the world is the dissident frogman’s “joie de vivre” you know.

  • mad dog barker

    I don’t think this will piss off any “leftist hordes”, The “not now dynamic” duo were know for taking great delight in err, “pissing off” leftist sympathisers. You can find many in the pits along with the other victims of the past thirty odd years.

    So along, with the fascination of putting heads on spikes, pissing of leftists is another thing that the “Dissident Frogman” shares with Uday and Quasay.

    What did dear George Orwell say. Ah yes, “As I looked from pig to man and man to pig I could not tell the difference”. The Hussein regime gloried in death and the degradation of humanity, why does The dissident frogperson think that his views of of similar actions carry any more merit.

    Must be some sort of “us” and “them” thing – which gives one an insight to what sort of libertarian values “the frog” holds.

    God, its hot in the office today…

  • Edmund Burke

    Frogman, how’s about Arnie terminating the Eiffel Tower and other French landmarks like the train at Compiegne, although you might find some inspiration here

  • mad dog: it’s not the heat in your office. It’s stuffed sphincter syndrome.

    I suggest pruneaux galore.

    Edmond: Thank for the idea and the link. That may well be the seeds of another frogman flash adventure.

    And that last three pictures set is indeed PRICELESS.

  • George Peery

    The difference, mad dog, between Uday (the pig) and the 101st Airborne (the men) is that after the former dealt with his enemies, e.g., by passing them through an industrial shredder, there were no heads left to mount on spikes.

  • GEF Hamilton

    Too true Mad Dog: if this sadsack wants to pretend to be a soldier-boy, let him join the army. What the hell is it with ‘libertarians for the army’ anyway? And here’s a fact for you: how many British ‘libertarians’ have ever been in the armed forces? Answers on a very small postcard.

  • mad dog barker

    Greetings George,

    I fear you have misinterpreted my writings. Uday is indeed one man that likes to see heads on sticks. Which is a good enough to warrent calling him a “pig”. Real pigs of course may feel insulted. To my knowledge, they as a species, have never put a head on a stick.

    And the 101st airborne are indeed men, many brave men. But not the men to which I allude in my comment. If you re-read carefully I hope you will agree with me that I was discussing the disident frogpersons joy at showing decapitated heads on sticks. Yes we know Q and U are nasty people. As I have said they were probably on the way to the morgue anyway. And yes, the frogperson has never(hopefully) shredded anyone.

    It would seem that both he and I are happy that we can face a future without that particular threat. Not that I ever felt that threatened by Q and U but I do know people that were. But revelling in death is a bit unseemly and unbecoming of a great and civilised nation. There were certainly men from the 101st who, having actually done the job, were not too happy at the resulting media circus.

    However Q&U are dead, and the lesson learnt is that apparently there was no way to extract them from the place they were hiding. Well look on the bright side, there’s a new potential market for military services. Who says wars don’t help the economy!

  • Cobden Bright

    “And here’s a fact for you: how many British ‘libertarians’ have ever been in the armed forces? Answers on a very small postcard.”

    6 of my friends, family and acquaintances in the UK are libertarians – 1 is in the army, 1 used to be, 1 is in the RAF, and 2 used to be in the RAF. So, including myself, my own experience states that approximately 5/7ths of British libertarians have served in the armed forces.

    That is a limited sample, but I think you will find that libertarians are more than averagely likely to join up. Not surprising really, considering that libertarians view armed force as essential for the defence of liberty.