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Kent coast strangeness

Your intrepid correspondent (well, sort of) is filing this from Ramsgate on the Kent Coast where there appear to be some odd goings-on.

There is no way of telling whether or not any of this is connected in any way to yesterday’s security alert at Dover but, today, fully-armed, missile-laden RAF jets have been observed buzzing around the Kent Coast. I am advised that jet fighters are generally not armed if merely on exercise.

Also, this evening there have been widespread power blackouts in Dover and Deal although latest reports are that the power is now back on.

Coincidences? Connected? Sinister? Perfectly innocent? Who knows? Heading back to London shortly.

7 comments to Kent coast strangeness

  • Wing Co. Batty

    Probably no cause for alarm, Mr. Carr. Air shows at Folkestone and Shoreham, today.

    Tally-ho, chaps!

  • Dale Amon

    Apparently all caused by a couple guys with tasers…

  • Cydonia

    In which case, this is another even more egregious example of the subject matter of your (David’s) last post

    I used to think that the plods were basically well meaning but not very bright. Nothing to worry about really and occasionally even quite useful.

    Increasingly, though, I see them as part of the problem.

  • Cydonia,

    Yes could well be just another case of panic and overkill. Who knows?

  • Tony H

    Monday evening’s R4 news said the men had been stopped for attempting to import “prohibited weapons” and that covers a multitude of things from nukes to anti-mugger pocket-sized pepper sprays and CS gas canisters, of the sort that it’s perfectly legal to buy & carry in many neighbouring European countries but which are regarded by UK Customs, and police forces, as far too aggressive for the peasantry to possess.
    We’ll possibly learn what they had if it was serious terrorist stuff like missiles or explosives – less likely if it was this kind of trivial self-defence material, because the plods like to maintain a certain level of seriousness about the deadly threats from which they constantly save us.

  • JSAllison

    I wonder what HM gummint’s take on homemade weaponry might be. Getting back to the right and proper feudal system, seems like.

  • Tony H

    Homemade weaponry, JS? Are you kidding? Making your own seems to be considered even worse than trying to bring it in from abroad: the guy who made his own sub-gun a couple of years back, and didn’t keep quiet about it because he was some sort of zealous freedom lover, had the book thrown at him… He’s still in prison I think.