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Dispatches from Basra IV

After a short hiatus due to snail mail from Basra involving wrong addresses and the usual off-line world confusions I give you the forth letter written by our illustrious ‘Man in Basra’. The following has been written partially as a response to

13 comments to Dispatches from Basra IV

  • I thought you used the metric system over there…

  • George Peery

    It’s good news, of course, that things aren’t as grim in Basra as has recently been reported. But it’s not only the NY Times that’s doing the reporting. On the same day as the NYT article, this appeared in the Telegraph.

  • Chris Josephson

    Thanks for the info.. It’s also good to read the blogs by the soldiers who are over there. The people who are actually there, doing the fighting and restoring, paint a different picture from the doom and gloom media.

    I wish the media would realize (maybe they do and don’t care) the Baathists and the Islamists are going to be stirring up as much trouble as possible.
    They want the Iraqi people to be unhappy with the way things are now.

  • Ray Zacek

    Media stateside lump news from Iraq into two broad categories: quagmire and nonquagmire. The former makes good copy and conforms to prevailing sentiment of elite medial. The latter gets buried.

  • Good post. I appreciate it. Keep it up

  • Ken Hagler – the Brits still largely use the English, not Metric, systems IIRC.

  • degustibus

    Bring ’em on!

  • Jay Stannard

    They are using metric!

    He said it was hot and 135C is HOT!

  • veryretired

    Thanks to you and other bloggers, the views of people other than mainstream media types can see the light of day. The current level of tabloid journalism simply can’t deal with anything as complex as the situation in Iraq, or Afghanistan, and it is better to get these first hand reports.

    This report gives more background info in passing than most of the major articles I’ve read over the last few months. It’s too bad these posts cannot be more widely distributed, but everything has to start somewhere, including worldwide media trends.

  • Jabba the Nutt

    But 135K is not hot.

  • Riot season

    Duck season

    Riot season

    Duck season

    (sorry, I couldn’t resist. Yah, I know: lame. What can I say? I love Bugs Bunny).

  • wowbanger the infinitly prolonged (soft jazz)

    thank you very much!!

    This is the reason blogs were invented,keep up the good work&f*** the mainstream-media