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A revolt in heaven

Frank J. at IMHO has come up with the perfect way to fish for links (well, I fell for it at least)… he has declared war on the mighty Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit .

And what is our view on this revolt against The InstaPowers That Be?

We are one of Glenn’s blog children… fie on that false prophet Frank J. and all hail to Glenn Reynolds, the Dark Lord of the net, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah, the Balrog of the Blogosphere!

The fate of the fallen is to be cast out of heaven and into a pit of devils... well, a pit of guys with beards anyway

Behold the fate of those who defy the InstaPowers That Be
Photo: D.Amon, all rights reserved

44 comments to A revolt in heaven

  • Edmund Burke

    Glenn likes Mazda’s, we know what he does to puppies, but what does he think of monkeys. We need to know.

  • The instaman does have a deeply silly smile, somehow. I don’t think it quite goes with the idea of sitting on a dark throne in Mordor.

  • Jeffersonian

    I’ll just bet “Instapundit” mean “Barad-Dur” in Elvish.

  • Jim Hogue

    I hear he drinks French wine in secret……

  • RJGator

    Worse yet, despite the fact he is married, he is reportedly a practicing heterosexual. Also, I have it on good authority that he has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the treasury of the State of Tennessee.

  • All hail, all hail, the Instapundit! He sitteth on his dark throne; though foes do cry, he conquereth them with a single server-killing link! His minions report to him from near and far; he gets in every newspaper story about “web logs”.

    Let a thousand puppies, erm, blend.

  • Ted

    afraid-of-monkeys is only trying to deflect attention from the attack that’s been declared upon him! A classic (and typical) franco-American strategy.

  • So, stop giving Frank what he wants; serial Insta-lanches

  • The Kid

    It’s worse than you know:
    His “lifestyle companion” associates with known thespians, his engine does not reciprocate, he’s known to go around with his stick in his hand, and has bragged that he’s just getting used to being powered from the rear.

    When told that there a cure for this, he’s said to have replied (in rather poor English for a supposedly educated guy):

    I know, I got the RX ate.

  • Serial insta-launches…so you are saying this is not a one time event? There will one insta-launch followed by another…and then the FBI profilers get involved?

    It would be interesting to see an FBI profile on monkeyboy.

  • Not only is he a practicing heterosexual who associates with known thespians, I heard a rumor that he may be a secret philatelist. Be careful out there.

  • Rockwell

    This foolish uprising by the IMAO is sure to backfire. Thanks to Monkey-Boy Frank, even more college nerds with off-the-wall senses of humor will be exposed to the appeal and influence of the Instapundit. The InstaLord will only grow more powerful. He cannot be defeated.

    All Hail the Blogfather! Wherever he does link, there shall I follow (with a freshly blended puppy shake in case the King is thirsty).

  • JSAllison

    If you listen very closely to recordings of crowd noise you’ll hear it…blendedpuppiesblendedpuppiesblendedpuppiesreadinstapunditblendedpuppiesblendedpuppies…

  • Roy

    “The Balrog of the Blogosphere”? Dude, don’t you remember what one old wizard did to that Balrog in Moria? If the prof is the Balrog, who’s the Gandalf of the Blogosphere? When’s the showdown? Who’s selling tickets?

    And most importantly, can I have the concessions contract?

  • I guess there is more than one way to get an instalanche. Maybe I should challenge him to a burrito eating contest.

  • moptop

    The dark one HAS been seen masticating, with his stick in is hand, as you put it, coming out of the drive thru of a local Burger King, Someone said that he was so worried about messing up the interior of his new car (wich makes Kit look like a Tonka toy), that he took extra napkins.

  • Clark Ghitis

    A puppy burrito contest?

  • dinky dau

    This kind of internecine warfare is exactly what we need during the dog days of summer..

    Cry Havoc ! and let slip the blogs of war!!

  • Hmm. Puppy burritos. You might have something there.

  • Spawn

    “There is nothing as good to us as a boiled fat puppy, it is to us like your Thanksgiving turkey.” — Geronimo.

    Hasn’t the dark one bragged about Indian ancestry?

  • R.C. Dean

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  • What amazes me is that there has not been a peep outta the blogging peaceniks on this situation. I mean first no war in Afganistan, no war in Iraq, no war in Liberia and they are staying silent on this war. Or, are maybe the aiding and abetting the war effort on behalf of one of the combatants. Maybe I will be Switzerland Blog on this one.

  • All hail Frank J! Down with the Puppy Blender!

  • Ric

    I hear the smooth, deep voice over even now:
    “Puppy. It’s what’s for dinner.”

  • paul

    Is this internecine warfare driven by Instapenis envy? Or a simple case of summer Instapuppy-love?

  • Parker

    Let a thousand puppies blend!

  • I am volunteering to be a human shield in this illegal war.

  • Jeffersonian: “I’ll just bet “Instapundit” mean “Barad-Dur” in Elvish.”

    Dude, Barad-Dûr is Elvish. 😉

  • Petronius

    I don’t know about Barad-Dur, but I think he might answer to “Maud’dib”!

  • Moptop


    Where is that from and why on Earth do I recognize it?!?

  • Jeff B

    Muad’dib was the Fremen name for Paul Atreides, the Kwisatz Haderach (i.e. the Messiah, basically) who delivered Arrakis from imperial rule in Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel Dune.

  • Paul Gaddis

    Usul: the base of the pillar. Muad- dib “The One Who Shows the Way”. Dess-loc! Desss-loc! Dess-loc! Is there no end to his names? Dare we bring A.C. Clarke into this?

  • Malaclypse Redring

    He’s not the Light Bringer, he’s a false god who has carked his brains with neuro-logics but still not remembranced the Elder Eddas.

  • MonkeyPants

    So, what do you drink whem you’re eating a Puppy burritos?

    Jack Spaniels?

    Imperial Falconer

  • I understand they’re going to offer Mr. Reynolds the presidency of UT. He couldn’t possibly steal more than John Shumaker. Well maybe he could, but he would have to work at it.

  • Ratbane

    . . .
    One Blog to Rule Them
    One Blog to Find Them
    One Blog to Bring Them All
    And in the Darkness Bind (Link?) Them
    In the Land of Mordor Where the Shadow Lies


    I learned why my cat, NIKITA, has been a steady 16 lbs., nothing more, nothing less, for the last year.

    Rottweiler Slurpie! 🙂

    When I confronted him and he told me where he got the recipe, I asked him why?

    His answer:

    Tastes great AND is less filling!

  • I’m his witness.

    I just happened to ride by when the interrigation took place.

  • someguy

    Michael Jennings: Remember, though, that before the ruin of Westernesse, Sauron was able to assume a form that was pleasing to men.

    Until we have proof that Glenn has been previously crushed by a continent, I think it’s best to leave all possibilities open. 🙂

  • Puppies for sale! Sailing puppies? We can have a demo on one of the farm ponds, unflappable and floating puppies, but not blender friendly.
    This is a new item, they are ‘ring free’.

  • Parker:

    Glad to see you’re spreading my “let a thousand puppies blend” meme.

    Long live the Instapundit.

  • Words to make the Instapundit Drool:

    Free to Good Home