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A Parliament of Bloggers?

Tonight many of the Samizdata.net, White Rose and the Big Blog Company bloggers will be attending a seminar about blogging being hosted at the Houses of Parliament in London.

It will be interesting to meet fellow members of the Blogerati in such a different context.

In case some of the people attending did not get the message, the time has been changed to slightly later (now 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm), and the venue is now the Grand Committee Room in order accommodate the larger than expected demand for seats. Entry as before will be via St Stephens Entrance, Houses of Parliament.

They watch us and we watch them

6 comments to A Parliament of Bloggers?

  • MayDay72

    Wow…Talk about into “the belly of the beast”…

    Are you sure this isn’t some sort of elaborate plot to get prominent libertarian activists all in one place so that you can be “detained” (arrested), “interviewed” (Interrogated), and “re-educated” (brain washed)?

    Well like we say in the U.S.: “only Nixon could go to China”…Good luck!

  • MayDay72: If I hear Gabriel Syme tell me tomorrow that ID cards are a good idea, I will know that you were right.

    On the other hand, if the others have all been sent to a Blairite reeducation camp, then, that’s right…..

    Samizdata is mine!!!!!!


  • So how did the collection of tall poppies go?

  • Phil Bradley

    The Register indulges in some blogger bashing.

    But we must ask, how long can the public be expected to indulge this latest incarnation of techno-utopians? Especially one that apotheosizes what one reader cruelly called “the lint of the Internet”? Patience, by now, must surely be wearing thin?


  • So where is the report on last night from someone who went? Did they really all get arrested and sent to a Blairite reeducation camp?

  • I watch big brother