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La Gloire du France

The Telegraph continues to paddle in the murky waters of our Gallic neighbours with a further editorial devoted to Sabine Herold and what appears to be a growing movement for free market reform in France:

The French long for a Margaret Thatcher to tame the over-mighty public sector trade unions, but despair of ever finding one. In the cafes of Reims, speaker after speaker deplored the weakness of President Jacques Chirac in the face of union opposition, with many echoing the withering Thatcherite critique launched against him by the 21-year-old student Sabine Herold in Paris.

What really caught my eye though, in the sidebar next to the article, is the link to Merde in France.

En avant et vers le haut, nos amis.

4 comments to La Gloire du France

  • Yossi

    ahem….oh dear…how should I say it…
    it is la gloire DE LA France….never DU France….never mind.

  • Yossi,

    Thank you for correcting me. I shall leave the mistake where it is but try to remember the correct version in future. I am obliged to you for your kind assistance.

  • jk

    The efficacy of a US boycott of French goods has been discussed very intelligently on this site. I am not a big boycott fan but wonder if this doesn’t show that economic pressure can be a force for liberty that might outweigh the benefits of free trade.

  • Kodiak

    Mein Gott!!!

    They’re still expectorating trivialities about France…

    Why don’t you try Germany, Italy or Spain for a while?

    Your obsession now turns pathogenic, guys.