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Just the FACTs about blogging

I have just got back to London after spending the night in more northern parts, where I gave a talk about blogs and blogging at Liverpool’s rather swanky new downtown FACT (Film, Art & Creative Technology) centre.

Many people are looking for the FACTs about blogging in Liverpool

It is good to proselytize the joys of blogging to a wider audience. Although though the audience was rather technology savvy, blogging was a completely concept to many of the people there. Also interesting was to see a couple people in the media lounge where I turned up to give my talk reading Salam Pax’s blog.

On a day in which an article in The Times notes the power of blogging to scare the living daylights out of some sections of the established media and quotes blogger Mickey Kaus, it is interesting to see our blogger-in-arms in Iraq helping to raise the profile of blogging generally in places like Liverpool.

I even managed to meet a new potential client for my latest business endeavor, a blogging consultancy that will show companies how blogs can greatly assist their businesses. Together with two fellow Samizdatistas David Carr and Adriana Cronin, who was the one who thought up and elaborated the idea, we have started a new venture called the Big Blog Company.

Blogs are increasingly starting to enter the public consciousness … we are spreading like a virus but are much more fun that SARS

6 comments to Just the FACTs about blogging

  • Best wishes to Perry, David and Adriana in their new venture. The road to freedom needs libertarian businesspeople as well as proselytisers.

    By the way, the industry needs a good shake-up – Blogger has been down for hours and hours today without a word of explanation on their site.

  • Maybe it needs more folks like Dean Esmay.

    Perry wrote: Although the audience was rather technology savvy, blogging was a completely new concept to many of the people there.

    I went for years thinking the most in-depth political discourse on the net was found at Delphi forums and in “Off-Topic” sections of various VBulletin message boards. That’s *hundreds of hours* before I inhaled my first breath of the blogosphere.

    The more I find, the more I realize I have much more to find. I think in the scheme of things, blogging is just getting started.

    [[On the other hand, I was chairman of the new Student Investment Group at my university during the Spring semester; we were having motivation and communication issues; I set up a handsome message board for the folks (about seventy of them) to use. At every meeting, I encouraged our people to please use it for questions, comments, ideas, links, etc. By the end of the semester, I’d had ONE person post ONE message, while I had started fifteen threads myself. Getting these people to contribute even a couple lines to a message board on a topic they’re all studying was like pulling teeth… I imagine most or all of them care as much about blogging as they do about the temperature at the core of Pluto or the number of quills on a porcupine’s ass. Better to form an opinion as shallow as a thin film of moisture based on quick glances at the front page of the horribly-biased school paper and quick nuggets heard on drive-time shock-jock radio.]]

  • mojo


    Who’s the looker in the black&white skirt?

  • I dunno, but she has nice knees.

  • I think Perry should have suggested a change of name to ‘Film, Art & Recreation Technology’. Just for the hell of it.