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Viking Infidels!!

Has Al-Qaeda hired the Monty Python team as political advisers? I only ask because of this surreal outburst:

O Muslims, take matters firmly against the embassies of America, England, Australia, and Norway and their interests, companies, and employees.

Let’s get this straight; they’re invoking Muslims to attack America (natch), England (obviously), Australia (not unexpected) and… Norway?!?!?!?!?!?

17 comments to Viking Infidels!!

  • __earth

    might be a mistake. a very ugly mistake. and a funny one too.

  • I’m sure they have holy hand grenades, too.

  • And a whole bunch of those rabbits with the pointy teeth.

  • Fred Boness

    Al Queda is aming to cause maximum confusion, the clever bastards.

  • Paul P

    Its not a mistake.
    They are a massive oil exporter outside muslim/arab/OPEC control.
    They had a substantial role in Afganistan within

  • D2D

    But why, the Norwegians love the “religion of peace.” So much so that they allow their islamic citizens to rape other citizens because it is the cultural norm for them to do so. The Norwegians don’t even protect their menatlly retarded citizens from Islamic rapists. Why attack Norway, hell, they’ve already surrendered.

  • Julian Morrison

    maybe it was a code? like thy could have said “england america and australia” and it would have meant “go for it on plan B”.

  • Jim Muchow

    I think the guys over at Al-Q meant the Danes. The
    Norwegians may have played significant roles (as
    mentioned above), but the Danish role is equally
    significant and more publicized.

    Those snow niggers all look the same anyway.

  • The world map according to the Koran is a wee bit out of whack; those madrassas have an old, torn, map for pointing out targets. Blame their state-sponsored education system, if you must assign blame.

  • MB

    Al-Qaeda might be pandering to the Save The Whales crowd. Infidel Norwegian Whale-killers!!!

  • Liberty Belle

    Al-Qaeda pandering to the Save The Whales crowd! Oh, god, that was funny!

  • Jonathan Bailey

    I think PaulP is on the right track. I seem to remember Norwegian F-16’s participating in bombing raids on Taliban/Al-Quaeda targets in Afghanistan.

  • Guy Herbert

    Rhetoric? Could it be the western world is all Franks and Norsemen to someone ostentatiously adopting a mediaeval arabic viewpoint?

  • Fred Boness

    Sooner or later Al Queda will target everyone.

  • … and no doubt Estonia is miffed at having been ignored.

  • estonia