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Pax is with us again

Salam Pax has posted again. Well, not quite. Someone has posted in his name. Interesting observations, insider story, basically a gripping read straight from Baghdad. Go and raed…

8 comments to Pax is with us again

  • mark holland

    It would be interesting to see a traffic graph of his site today.

    I’m so glad that he, his family and good buddies are alright.

    As you say gripping.

  • Excellent! I want the rights to SALAM PAX: The Movie!

  • Big Lou from Brooklyn

    Server’s down dudes …

  • …posted in his name… was a very bad choice of words, given the garbage that was strewn about over his “alleged authenticity”. Diana Moon had been his intermediary to a net connection for quite a while, now, when he was having technical difficulties posting before, so it’s just the usual method around the telephony/internet difficulties, nothing more!

  • Was that a freudian slip on this: … Go and raed … since Raed is the name of his cousin, hence the name of the blog. 🙂

  • Edd

    I wonder why communism is so appealing to Salam Pax…

  • General Services

    I imagine Commuinsim appeals to Salam Pax precisely because he knows he’s never going to have it.

  • Well, the Guardian today devoted two pages of their tabloid section to publishing a lengthy extract. Salam did mention at one point that he had found an internet cafe that was open, but he might not be able to afford to use it for posting much. Hopefully the Guardian will send Salam the cheque that he is clearly entitled to for providing them with two pages of copy, and this will solve the problem. (I have no reason to doubt that the Guardian would be perfectly willing to pay him the going rate if he asked them to, but someone needs to ensure this happens).