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Back to the Matrix

As a fan of the the sci-fi dystopian film thriller, The Matrix, I am looking forward to the sequel, due out next week in Britain. This report via CNN suggests the next instalment is sure to be a rip-roaring treat for high-tech movie fans like me.

Of course, part of the appeal of such films to many folk is the way they play on fears about the growth of Big Brother powers by the State, and also by corporations, many of which behave almost as if they were governments. Similarly, it helps explain the appeal of Stephen Spielberg’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story, Minority Report about a year ago.

…and, er, it appears that men and women will have, er, plenty to drool over in the next Matrix performance, judging by the publicity shots. Heh-heh.

Roll on May 15.

8 comments to Back to the Matrix

  • I just bought my ticket for Reloaded but the arsewipes at the Oxford George St Odeon told me it opened on the 23rd, even though I was sure it was the 15th. What gives?

  • Byron

    Get a second opinion. May 15 worldwide rollout is the published plan.

  • Expectations are sky high on this one. The first one arrived mostly unheralded and managed to steal the thunder from the much more hotly anticipated Phantom Menace. This time every rival production is clearing out of town and moving their release dates out the way.

    It looks like it will be a riot. The trailer reduced me to the level of an eight-year old in seconds flat. Bloody hell.

    The Matrix pulled the neat trick of recycling tried and tested ideas and putting such a stylish spin on them that you were persuaded that for a couple of hours you were watching something original. This time around it hasn’t got the surprise factor but it’s got a rock-solid mass following to make up for it. I’m counting the days…

  • RE: The Matrix Reloaded trailer.

    It got a round of enthusiastic applause at the theater the other day.

    And yes, I, too was reduced to drooling fanboy mode when I first saw it on TV a few weeks ago.

    Seeing it on the BIG screen, I all but wet myself.

    This coming Monday (12 May) I’m off to get my ticket for the film. I will likely see it twice in one day.

    Just remember to sit through the closing credits! The trailer for Revolutions will be shown immidiately afterwards.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Thanks for the comments, I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    The Matrix is one film I can watch over several times and pick up something new each time.
    Can’t wait for Reloaded as well!

  • Byron

    Just remember to sit through the closing credits! The trailer for Revolutions will be shown immidiately afterwards.

    Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know that.

    All I have to say is, Morpheus fighting with a samurai sword. W00t w00t!

  • Eye Opener

    I can appreciate the excitement, for this blog is representative of intelligent, capable humans who still recognize the value of (and distinct, seperate reality of) MOVIE land, imagination…

    What frightens me is that a great number of people out there have taken Matrix to heart, and believe that (exemplum gratia) anyone in support of the 17-Day War MUST be plugged into the Matrix, absorbing spoon-fed drivel and believing themselves eating caviar and crumpets!

    Wow! ReLoaded will probably stir up a great, unwashed convulsion heavier than the first… hoo, boy, are we in for it now…

    Hardly an eye opener…