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White feathers all round, then?

They set forth boldly into the world with love in the hearts and the zeal of righeousness in their eyes, blazing with their vision for a better world and a finer day when we would all join hands in common humanity. They were bright, shining, fearless emissaries of truth and justice, striding into the lion’s den as an example to the rest of mankind that there is a better way.

No bullet could graze them, no missile could dent them and no oil-grabbing cowboys were going to deflect them from saving the innocent Iraqis from their merciless predations of an unjust war!!

Only, now they’re coming home because…um..well, they got a bit frightened:

“Almost all of the first British “human shields” to go to Iraq were on their way home last night after deciding that their much-heralded task was now too dangerous.

Two red double-decker buses, which symbolised the hopes of anti-war activists when they arrived to a fanfare of publicity a fortnight ago, slipped quietly out of Baghdad on the long journey back to Britain.”

So that’s that. They’ve had some sun on their faces, seen the sights, tried all the local dishes and now it’s back to tedious old Britain where they can bore everyone with their holiday snaps (“Look, this is Tarquin and me draping ourselves over a Scud missile launcher”).

Next year: North Korea!

“It heightened fears among some peace activists that they could be stationed at non-civilian sites. Mr Meynell and fellow protesters who moved into the power station in south Baghdad last weekend were dismayed to find it stood immediately next to an army base and the strategically crucial main road south to Basra. Iraqi officials said there was little point in guarding what they considered to be low-risk targets.”

What, no baby-milk factories??!! They wuz tricked! They have been denied their rightful glory. ‘Peace tourist’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

14 comments to White feathers all round, then?

  • ellie

    News Flash: Being a human shield can be hazardous to your health! In this case, useless idiots.

  • Good lord.

    Do you suppose any of these people will have Second Thoughts as they get older?

    We can only hope so.

  • Gregory Litchfield

    Heh. Their cowardice and utter lack of conviction is now evident to all.

  • Dean Esmay writes:

    Do you suppose any of these people will have Second Thoughts as they get older?

    Perhaps, if they ever get to their first thoughts.

  • Right Proper Bunch of Charlies, eh wot?!

  • S. Weasel

    Do you suppose any of these people will have Second Thoughts as they get older?

    From the group shots I’ve seen, many of them are older. If they’re going to grow up, they’d best be quick about it.

  • Jeffersonian

    This nursery school field trip obviously lacked responsible adult supervision. No one over the rank of idiot could possibly expect anything less from Saddam than placement at a valid military target. They ought to fall on their knees and thank whatever gods they worship that they weren’t invited to remain in Iraq as Saddam’s “guests,” chained to mobile missile launchers or VX storage depots.

    I sincerely pray that they are enthusiastically jeered, ridiculed, lampooned and shamed by right-thinking Britons upon their return to Albion.

  • Elizabeth

    I have wondered what people who live in Iraq think about these gung ho peace players driving around noisily through the streets of Baghdad – professing to want to save “the poor Iraqi people” by defending Sadam and using themselves as human shields to do so.
    How would I feel if I were living there? A repressed FEMALE individualist afraid of being raped by the state rapist, being tortured if I am viewed as stepping out of line, or worse yet having one of my children tortured or murdered before my eyes.
    hmmm… how would I view these people coming to my streets from free nations, defending the repressor over me?

  • me

    You forgot to mention that the Telegraph (in a spirit of mischief no doubt)included a letter from a Mr.Meynell of Baghdad on its letters page, this letter being most forthright in defense of the idea of human shields.

  • elizabeth

    enough… I don’t have time to search other bloggers to read your opinion.
    In a nutshell – your point?

  • Elizabeth

    Never – you mind E. Nough – I’ve rather enjoyed scrolling through your blogger. 🙂

  • al

    You honor the bomb huggers by crediting them with second thoughts. Most ran out after the first thiught.

  • al

    You honor the bomb huggers by crediting them with second thoughts. Most ran out after the first thiught.