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Two perspectives…

This has been posted on the Command Post:

British backtrack over general

We had a misidentification of the rank of the officer concerned,” Group Capt. Al Lockwood said on Monday. “What I can say today is – and can confirm – that we have five senior Iraqi officers as prisoners of war.

And this on the Inn of the Last Home

British Backtrack Over General

In related news, a Moroccan troop transport backed over a colonel today, leaving him with multiple injuries and contusions. It was believed monkeys were at the wheel of the transport which was last seen heading to the sea to pick up some errant dolphins. A visiting foreign ambassador was quoted as saying, “When will monkeys ever learn to use rear-view mirrors?”.

France has lodged a protest with the UN.

I just love the blogosphere…

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  • Thanks for the reference, Gabriel – you made my day!

    Course, I keep waiting for some wire service to pick up one of these goofy little news stories I always post on my blog 🙂