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The truth about those who protest

Aqui hay algo para personas que hablan Español, quienes son unos ‘utiles idiotas’. Esta presentación ha sido creada por algunos que no lo son.

(Although it helps if you speak Spanish, the meaning of the presentation can be understood by anyone.)

6 comments to The truth about those who protest

  • Jeffersonian

    My Spanish is a bit rusty and I missed about 20% of it because of it, but it was truly powerful and moving. Another understanding of “peace,” indeed.

    It’s regrettable that anyone need suffer or die for the removal of this mafioso and his barbarian gang, but that it is necessary, moral and right there can be no doubt, no equivocation.

  • Cierto que si. Gracias por este link especial. Entonces, yo me voy a postiarlo tambien por mi blog.

    yes, I just made up the ‘spanish’ verb ‘to post’. Regular conjugation, I would suspect. My rules, since I just made it up, and all.

    If there is already a spanish term for ‘to post’ I’d be happy to be enlightened…

  • ally

    Interesting to see this hosted at the Cadena Ser website, where the only coverage of the war is pictures of the Iraqi dead civilians, coverage of the ‘peace’ protests, the failure of the distribution of humanitarian aid in Umm Qasr the other day, legal documents ‘proving’ the illegality of the war, and promoting conspiracy theories about the Spanish government.

    I could not find a ‘visible’ link to it from the webpage though… shows how much importance is given to it.

    Wind Rider, you can use ‘voy a ponerlo’