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Bowled out with honour

I wanted to write something about this tale earlier, but have been rushed off my feet with work. Anyway, I think it notable that in an age marked by preening Hollywood celebs and British thespian luvvies spouting peacenik garbage about Iraq, it is heartening that in another aspect of life – sport – there are real examples of folk willing to take a stand where it matters.

Nasser Hussein, captain of the English cricket Test side, will not go down in history perhaps as a victorious cricket captain like Len Hutton or even David Gower. He will, however, go down as a man who stood on an issue of principle over Robert Mugabe’s vile regime in Zimbabe. Defeated, mabye, but not with dishonour.

Addendum: for our American friends who haven’t a clue about cricket, my apologies.

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4 comments to Bowled out with honour

  • Stolypin

    Makes a nice change from the days when members of the English cricket side accepted big money payouts to play in then boycotted South Africa and Rhodesia. (Or is time warping my memory of events?) Dima.

  • J.S. Nelson

    Hello kiddos. My practice of following random links has led me here, and I think you’ve got a nice website. Myself, I’m a libertarian of sorts and while I’m not a fan of the war movement myself, I can understand where you’re coming from and the world be nothing if there weren’t differences in opinion. You seem to be relatively well informed, which is rare among people in general today. My comment is on the “regime change begins at home” image to the left of the posts, which I find funny because here in America, that’s an anti-war slogan (IE, “get rid of bush”) held up by protesters, and I find it interesting how (assuming I’m interpreting it’s presence here correctly) things can change meaning completely when moved from one context to another.

  • 5{Just reading in Edmund Morris’s Bio of Theodore Roosevelt that in order to relax one day he had someone teach him how to play cricket.

    So at least one US President learned the game. After this is over maybe Tony can give a few ponted to W.

  • Ed Becerra

    Cricket… Hmmm…

    Isn’t that some sort of pre-historic form of baseball?


    Seriously, I’m glad to see at least one celebrity who _isn’t_ infected with the loathsome plague of “I’m a popular entertainment figure, therefore I’m automatically possessed of great political wisdom and the right to tell you what you must think and do.”

    Ed Becerra