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Samizdata slogan of the day

The French prime minister, Jacques Chirac, had visited Baghdad in December 1974 amid much pomp. Vice President Saddam offered to take care of Chirac’s visit and in their several meetings the two men enjoyed an unexpected rapport, much to the surprise of the traveling French entourage. At the end of the visit the French prime minister warmly embraced Saddam, calling him ‘a personal friend’, a returned home with a sheaf of lucrative contracts (for weaponry) worth 15 billion francs. One of them was the deal to supply the brand new reactor.
– Brighter Than the Baghdad Sun,” published in 1999, page 74

[Thanks to The Invisible Hand for the quote]

3 comments to Samizdata slogan of the day

  • And this is supposed to disqualify France’s anti-war stance?

    I don’t really need to mention that several key government officials from the US including Donald Rumsfeld enjoyed a similar friendly relationship with Saddam prior to the Gulf war, do I?

  • And your point is? You must be confusing us with someone who gives a damn about ‘key government officials from the US including Donald Rumsfeld’….

    Also, I think you will find that whatever friendly relationship they had with Saddam they certainly stopped after the Gulf war, which cannot be so certainly said for the French…