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Naked force

British soldiers currently stationed in Kuwait have broken with military tradition in order to deliver what they believe is a powerful message to the world.

Stripping off their desert khakis the men of the 7th Armoured Brigade laid down in a sand dune and spelled out the phrase, ‘SADDAM IS TOAST’ by arranging their own naked bodies to form the letters.

Lance-Corporal Steven Rowsley said afterwards:

“We were a bit embarrassed at first. And doing the ‘S’ was a bit tricky. But we think it was worth it in the end. My whole unit was really up for it.”

The officer in charge of the demonstration, Captain Roger Hackwood said:

“We realise that it’s a bit unorthodox and we know that some people will be shocked. But we couldn’t think of any better way to get the strength of our feelings across to the anti-war movement back home”

The Ministry of Defence has declined to comment.

8 comments to Naked force

  • scott

    So is that the kind of conduct that you guys would call ‘cheeky’?

  • John J. Coupal

    So, the naked women en masse spelling “peace” has spurred HMG Forces to retailate with this, huh?

    The Left has always been better in the theatrical arena than the Center and the Right.

    But better that those Forces stick with what they do best: create havoc for the enemy. Not as photogenic as the Left, but a lot more effective.

  • Patrick

    Brilliant! Spiffing! Top whack!

    My faith in the armed forces in entirely substantited.

    Where is the picture?

  • Ralf Goergens


    thank you for not posting any pictures.

  • Erm, funny though this story is, you don’t seriously think that David was actually being serious do you? Now come on.

  • Mark Holland

    As Mark Radcliffe pointed out recently, being the cross bar in a human letter ‘A’ is possibly the least pleasant position – if it’s a group of blokes anyway ;-).

  • JohnJo. I don’t think he’s serious, but I have to admit I wish he were! And I’d love to see the pictures of such a thing. 😉

  • Mark: Depends on whether the height of the letters is an odd or even multiple of the height of a component. (Ha, you thought I was going to say member didn’t you?)