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Iraqi bounty hunters

Isn’t this evidence enough?

“Two weeks ago the Philippines expelled Iraqi diplomat Husham Husain after discovering he had received a phone call from an Abu Sayyaf member the day after the group staged an October 3 bombing that killed a U.S. Green Beret on the southern island of Mindanao. After the diplomat’s deportation, Abu Sayyaf leader Hamsiraji Sali stated on Philippine TV that Iraq was paying bounties to his gunmen to murder U.S. troops.”

3 comments to Iraqi bounty hunters

  • Sandy P.

    There could be links between Iraq and WTC 1 and the Oklahoma City bombing.

  • Elizabeth

    A link would not surprise me, as Saddam also approves of and provides money to families of suicide murderers in Israel.
    Interesting this individual said on TV that such a link exists as well.
    Either bin Laden is using America to get rid of Saddam (note this statement by abu Sayyef member as well as taped statements released to the media a week or so ago), or there really is a link and they are both using the media to promote anti-Americanism.
    Or all of the above…

  • Shaun Bourke

    Has anybody checked with master John Pilger for verification of this story ??