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Help Wanted

If any of our readers are Iraqi permanent residents we’d love to hear from you.

The voice of Iraqi’s is being grossly misrepresented by British media and we’d love to do our small part to adjust the balance.

Death to Saddam!

8 comments to Help Wanted

  • Kathy and MommaBear have been steering people to a wonderful Blog: Where Is Raed, written by Salam, who lives, works, and writes in Baghdad.

    Do go and read, including his archives!

  • What she said. He got mentioned in the Grauniad! Where have you lot been?????

  • Dale Amon

    You missed what I asked for. I’m looking for UK Iraqi residents. You’d have to live here to know what I’m talking about with the UK media. That is why I’d like us to make contact with UK Iraqi’s who might find our opinions more to their liking than the State media and ITV.

  • Ah.
    Another of those ‘same language, different language’ things.
    ” Iraqi permanent residents”
    Sounds to us like… well… ‘permanent residents in Iraq’…


  • That’s how I read it and I live here in the UK.

    It could be a tad confusing.

  • MommaBear & Kathy K: We have been repeatedly linking to Salam on samizdata.net before most of the blogosphere has heard of him.

    Salam is good but he does stay away from the political debate. Usually relays his life in Baghdad with the kind of everyday details that make people emphatise with the Iraqis, rather than elaborate on the pro/anti-war arguments.

  • Dale Amon

    Which is of course why he is still alive…

  • dude

    Have you seen this?

    Looks like Jesse made a visit across the pond, you lucky guys. Anyway, this is tangentially related to what you’re talking about.