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The lunatics have taken over the asylum

I have long known that the world is essentially a madhouse with no locks on the doors, but when I read that a former Taliban soldier who fought against British and US forces in Afghanistan will be given asylum in Britain because the pro-western government in Kabul is ‘persecuting’ him, I start to really wonder at what the word ‘asylum’ really means. Did rational people object to former members of the National German Socialist Workers Party being ‘persecuted’ in the aftermath of World War Two?

A few days ago, American bloggers Andrew and Sasha arrived in Britain, neither of whom have ever fought against British soldiers, or called for the death of Christians and Jews, or joined any organisations like Al-Muhajirun which aims to make Britain a muslim caliphate…

…and yet they were nevertheless detained at the airport upon arrival in the UK on Thursday and grilled for nine hours before being provisionally allowed into the country. In fact Sasha’s blog was examined by the Immigration agents and its content used as the excuse to initially deny her entry. It is strange that the content of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad’s website does not seem to get him kicked out of the country.

The state is not your friend.

5 comments to The lunatics have taken over the asylum

  • max

    The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum.

    But what if the Taliban chap were to hurt someone (a law abiding ‘Duncan Ferguson’ fearing burglar for one) seeking to burgle his state benefits financed flat? What a difficult trade-off that would present for our lunatic masters.

  • Andrew Duffin

    Andrew and Sasha are of course NOT members of a protected class, so naturally they will get dumped on by officialdom. Why is anyone surprised?

  • The Lunatics have finally taken over the asylum

    Let’s get this clear. Dubya’s gang of geriatric wannabee gunslingers and commie kickers, like Cheney, Rummy, Marshall, Schultze, and Baker, Zionist visionaries like Fieth, Bolton, and Armitage, weapons, aerospace and oil company salesmen (and women), and assorted sociopaths such as Perle and Kissinger. Along with the the born again Christian capo di capo and right wing zealots like Pat Roberston have been aided by the useful idiot Blair, who has made some scret and sinister Faustian compact with this amoral bunch of crooks and shysters and have brought off a breathtaking gamble.

    With a combination of lies and deceit, demonisation of foes and terrorism of their countrymen the plans for global hegemony are unfolding. How do we know? Well the plans are no secret and can be traced back with ease through published tracts of various special interest “think” tanks right back to writings of Henry Kissinger in the early 1990’s

    Their authors have been in place since Dubya stole the election. With a history of overseas anti-American outrages, Beirut, Saudi, Yemeni, Kenya, Bali and domestic incidents such as Oklohoma, the first and second Twin Towers attacks, and subsequent puzzling postal anthrax attacks the Government scaremongers have been hard at work terrorising a population unlike those of Spain and the United Kingdom who are battle hardened to bombs and urban terror campaigns.

    Hanging on actual events, with sophisticated lies and deceits of the propagandists, using the writings of Hitler,and Goebbels as textbooks and the fears propounded by Orwell,.and fantasising about the legendary demons of former hired warriors like Ladin and Hussein,they have, with consummate skill and a manipulated and manipulative press, firmly fixed and directed the fears of a naïve, isolationist and xenophobic population. So successful that 73% of respondents in the Indianopolis Star poll (20/3/02, the Hoosier state home of Senator Buyers who long ago advocated a nuke strike on Iraq) support the illegal invasion of a land far way, of which they know little and care less.

    It is evident that after the conquest (described repeatedly as a “liberation”) of Iraq, the New World Order will eventually emerge. Illegal transgressors, the US and its high minded allies, such as Albania, Slovakia, along with new found friends like Romania and Bulgaria, bulging at the seams with American military men, materiel ports and airports, they face the almost universal opposition of the European Union, Russia and China.

    Saddam demanded euros for oil, nations have been building euro reserves whilst the dollar plunges, and trade deficits rise. Chavez in Venezuela wants to barter oil, Colombian pipelines are bombed, Nigerians are on strike and ethnic violence ahead of the forthcoming April elections threatens as Shell staff flee the country, and finally today the Alaskan oil fields exploration has been thrown out by the Senate..

    The Mad Beekeepers in charge of the asylum having upset the hive, will keep swatting away, next will be Iran, stuffed with euros and discussing selling oil in euros, maybe Libya where gadfly Gadaffi is always anxious to stir the boiling pot, Venezuela where a previous coup failed last year (what is the Marines refrain…” from the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…”), Colombia where, if Elliott Abrams and the oleaginous ex UN Ambassador of Honduras, Negroponte swells his fan club in the halls of the UN, will use their influence to “stabilise” (i.e overthrow the current regime to be more US$ dependant).

    As the flies settle on the corpses in the desert, as the dead babies are paraded for the press, as the peace crowds swell, as the body bags build up at Fort Bragg, as the corporate profits swell for Lockheed, General Dynamics and there fat cat Wall Street financier friends, there will slowly, but surely be a growing resistance to the relentless war machine as it attempts to sweep through the Middle East.

    Let’s not forget that in this fog of war, Sharon will be consulting his “roadmap”, readying the bulldozers to push the Palestinians down the road to the seashore. No doubt the Zionist State department apparatchiks like Fieth, who has written about the land of Zion stretching from what is Syria to Ancient Mesopotamia will be fuelling their tanks. Condoleeza Rice announces today a 6Bn US$ grant to Israel, topping up their requests with the odd 1BnUS$ (BBC News).

    After all, they will say – there is plenty of room in Jordan. Perhaps that is why USAID have such stocks of food for refugees in Amman, the refugees will be coming from the East AND the West.

    What it’s oil about

    Now Unle Sam has huis hand on the oil tap, with the second biggest reserves in the world. OPEC who met yesterday decided to reduce supplies and steady the rpice, hoping that this will pacify US who would rather see the price head South. (Remember US deman highest ever, stocks lowest ever) Every US$ spent on imported crude adds to the Trade deficit.

    Moral (as seen from UK)

    The US will do exactly what it wants. Transport people to Guantanamo Bay, hold people without charge., invade(oops liberate) conquer militarily, socially, economically wherever they want.

  • I love demented screeds like the one above… you can almost see the spit over the authors computer screen and the reflection of his wild eyed stare. Mad Beekeepers! Flies on corpses! Dead babies! It’s all about oiiiiiiiiiiil! More! More!

    I look foward to seeing this guy post a link to the articles he wrote when saddam hussain’s people gassed the village of Halabja and slaughtered the marsh arabs for daring to oppose the ba’athist socialist regime. I mean, surely if truth, beauty and justice (or whatever) is what motivates eddie, rather than mindless incoherent anti-semitism and anti-americanism, I cannot imagine that he was not all over a mass murderer like saddam like a bad rash, crying out for justice for all those fly covered corpses and dead babies. Well?