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Spare a thought for Zimbabwe

Although attention is focused on the nightmarish regime in Iraq, please spare an angry thought for the vile rulers of Zimbabwe, who are still starving and murdering sections of the population felt to be ‘disloyal’ to Robert Mugabe.

George Bush, supported by Tony Blair, will clear up Daddy’s (and Donald’s) mess in Iraq by spending several billion dollars and sending a few hundred thousand troops to see the end of Saddam Hussain… Blair could do something about tyranny in Zimbabwe for a fraction of that price if he had the moral fortitude. For all his many and varied sins, Saddam is not (currently) killing and dispossessing British subjects, which cannot be said for Robert Mugabe.

Will the British state please stop spending my appropriated tax money on funding the comforts of former Taliban asylum seekers and, given that I suppose it is too much to expect my money back, start sending crates of rifles and ammunition to opposition groups in Zimbabwe.

6 comments to Spare a thought for Zimbabwe

  • Theodopoulos Pherecydes

    Abu Hamza has been receiving support from the British state while white Zimbabweans with impeccable claims on being “British” have not.


  • Unfortunately I think it’s about 23 years too late to help the opposition groups…

  • Alan Forrester

    So many dictators still to topple. I hope the gov’t does something but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Isn’t it time to focus some of our anger on South Africa? This is the country that has the power to remove Mugabe at the flick of a switch, literally.

  • Jacob

    “…start sending crates of rifles and ammunition to opposition groups in Zimbabwe.” ???
    You have forgotten Britain’s policy of not sending military supplies to zones of conflict.

  • Tom Grey

    Perry, how about the UK staging a liberation coup, while Mugabe is in France?
    Wouldn’t it be cool to offer him exile in London (the Tower, perhaps), or remain in Paris, while the goons that DIDN’T go with him out of the country get “questioned”?

    I know, I’m only dreaming. But it would be so poetic, and just…