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The best-dressed oppressed

I ask you, who would want to be a celebrity these days? If you aren’t being pestered by ‘peacenik’ goons to endorse their idiotic petitions then you’re having the strong-arm put on you by animal rights activists:

“An animal rights group is giving Liverpool’s homeless mink coats for Christmas.

Bond girl Barbara Bach and Playboy magazine centrefold Kimberley Hefner were among those who had donated furs..”

So they are taking mink coats from rich people and giving them to poor people. But, hang on, if wearing fur is wrong then surely it is wrong regardless of one’s social status, right? Apparently not.

“”We cannot bring these animals back – but we can send a message that only people truly struggling to survive have any excuse for wearing fur.”

“To show these furs were “recycled”, the garments had had white stripes painted on the arms, so the recipients would not be left “open to ridicule for wearing something so cruel”

“Recycled”? That’s not quite the word I would use. The word I would use is re-distributed because that is really the point of this whole exercise. The white stripe on the arm is nothing less than a badge of party membership, identifying the bearer as the ideologically sound beneficiary of plantation politics as opposed to those “open to ridicule” for resisting the moral blackmail and proudly displaying their property for all to see.

Not ridiculous: Giselle looks good in fur

The old class warriors have found some ingenious ways to hide their rhetoric and ‘animal rights’ is one of them. Of course, they are not really concerned about the fate of cute, furry animals. No, what really bothers them about fur coats is that they are a conspicuous symbol of wealth and, as such, are only acceptable if being adorned on the bodies of the duly appointed deserving.

And if you have ever wondered why mink and fur is so offensive but leather is unremarkable then may I suggest that it is because ‘ridiculing’ and strong-arming little old ladies and bulimic supermodels is a very safe way of exercising one’s alleged virtues. Taking on a 250lb Hell’s Angel is an altogether more risky proposition.

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10 comments to The best-dressed oppressed

  • “Taking on a 250lb Hell’s Angel is an altogether more risky proposition.”

    Or a heavily armed Texan 🙂 .

  • DMorris

    I think you missed the REAL reason for the white stripes on the donated coats. That is, defacement prevents the poor, once-shivering recipient from selling that valuable fur coat (thereby avoiding the embarassment of wearing something that labels them as “poor”… no Stars of David or party arm bands for them). Nope, can’t have poor people actually selling a single-use, defaced coat and buying a cheaper, more practical one of man-made materials and using the profit TO BUY FRIGGIN’ FOOD AND SHELTER FOR A YEAR! Commies love the poor… the more, the better.

  • Here’s a homework assignment for all you “Law of Unintended Consequences” junkies out there (and you know who you are): What is the effect on the number of animals killed of giving donated fur coats to people who would never have bought them under normal circumstances? Bonus: What would be the effect of selling these fur coats into the used fur business?

  • Jacob

    >>Not ridiculous: Giselle looks good in fur<< This caption is too long. Why not: "Giselle looks good."

  • Snide

    Short attention span, Jacob? I think two different points are being made:
    1. She is not ‘open to ridicule’, therefore ‘Not ridiculous’
    2. She looks good.

  • I’d like to see the PETA folks try pushing Veganism on these guys.

    Larry Niven fans will get the joke.

  • It’s always been a tad disappointing to me that these twits generally have a very poorly discriminating eye: they almost never know an elephant-skin boot when they see one.

    I wear ’em all the time (a bomb-proof throwback to my Harley days), and would look forward to the confrontation if they only knew.

  • keith

    In the USA there are actually TWO groups using the acronym “PETA”. I belong to “People Eating Tasty Animals”.

  • Ted Schuerzinger

    Aren’t PETA thoughtful? They care so much about the homeless that they’ll let them stay homeless, but not so cold.

    Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, at least Jimmy Carter goes out and builds houses with Habitat for Humanity.

  • Jen

    I think most of you have missed the entire point and meaning beind what some of the people are saying. I’m sorry that all of us who dissagree with fur cannot provide houses for homeless, but we are being kind enough to try to help them stay warm in the cold winter nights.
    Fur is no longer a popular fashion, man made synthetic fabrics are much nicer and not to mention a hell of a lot cheaper. It takes something like 120 foxes to produce ONE jacket. And us humans wonder why certain animals are becoming extict, just think about it real hard, I know it may be hard for some of you.
    Fur on your back, innocent blood on your hands.