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The ‘root causes’ of electoral failure

Whatever else may or may not be said about US Democrats, they are certainly not slow to respond to adverse events. Almost immediately after the mid-term term elections, some of them (grassroots supporters it would appear) set up a ‘message wall’ that gave other disillusioned or frustrated activists an opportunity to, shall we say, let off a little steam. Or possibly suffer a full nuclear meltdown judging from some of the comments.


Yes, that’s bound to increase your popularity.

“Now I know what moderate Afghanis must have felt when the Taliban took over!”

They’ll be wearing burqas in Boston before the year is out.


The Democrat campaign slogan for 2004?


And nowhere near Saddam Hussein’s!

I very much expect that the Democrat leadership is huddled in a smoke-free room somewhere at Democrat HQ trying to figure out why they lost. My advice would be, please see above.

4 comments to The ‘root causes’ of electoral failure

  • jb

    Some serious questions . . .

    If the libertarian view is minimal government, if any, would not the American vote to continue its government, albeit with different faces, be the same as Iraqis voting to continue government with the same face in charge?

    Did not both citizenries vote 100% to continue government as is?

    Are not Americans as unlikely/unable to overthrow their socialistic government, as are Iraqi citizens to overthrow the dictatorship under which they live?

    Both are constrained by the power of the state, are they not?

    And the war that shall ensue (most likely) will be state versus state, correct?

    The citizenry of both will be emotional pawns (or victims) in it all, will they not?

    Eliminate the state in both cases . . . would there be war?

    Just asking . . .

  • H. Myers

    The Democrats waged the most inept campaign in decades and perhaps of modern times in America. With the New Jersey “switcheroo”, the Democrats solidified their hold on the “Party of Clever Cheats” title. The spectacle of Democratic legislators railing against the current administration from Baghdad raised the spectre of “Hanoi Jane”. Then with just days to go before the election, Democrats turned Paul Wellstone’s funeral into an opportunistic carny freakshow.
    Yet despite all that, the election was not a wipeout.
    Both parties have elements that indulge in extremely ill considered rhetoric. Better leadership, responsible moral leadership, will effectively drown out the shrill voices and harness the very real but recently untapped electoral majority that Democrats possess in the US.

  • ellie

    Whatever ‘electoral majority’ the Donks may hold in the US, they will only regain strength by holding to the center. In fact, that so-called majority was only achieved (and that, only sectionally) through sleazy, centrist (read: Clintonesque) posturing. The leftist crap posted here will be the kiss of death for US democrats ( one of whom used to be me.)

  • TomD

    Reading the “Message Wall” gives me a glow of pleasure. The real message from the “Wall” is that they still don’t get it, they still think that the problem is in the inadequate publication of their position as opposed to the nature of their position. With this disconnect, they are doomed.

    Several of them state their desire to relocate to Canada. I welcome this attitude and intend to solicit donations to further this cause. Canadians may object.

    A common thread to the weepy posts is that now war is certain. One certainly has to wonder what it would take for them to realize that it is already here. How many deaths? Well, attention to reality has never been the strong suit of the liberal/socialist mindset.

    The posters at the “Wall” get it right in one respect; their leadership is outdated, tired, and ready for change. It is commendable when they notice that there are no new ideas though you have to wonder why this wasn’t observed a couple of decades ago. A sizeable group think that they need to go “green”. I welcome that also.

    If the “Wall” reflects the current intellectual state of the Democrat party in the US—–

    TomD-Georgia, USA