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The Libertarian Alliance/Libertarian International conference – some first reactions

I spent yesterday (this is the small hours of Sunday morning) at day one of the conference referred to below, and for my money the star of the show so far has been Terence Kealey, Vice Chancellor of Buckingham University and author of this. Kealey’s performance was terrific, both in terms of content and because the man is blessed with such a clear and mellifluous speaking voice – which was a great asset in what proved to be a tricky accoustic given that no microphones were in use.

Having forced myself up at such a vile hour in the morning to get there in time for the start, I’m too knackered to say more now. I hope to report further and less superficially after tomorrow’s proceedings, and there’s a good chance that one or some of David Carr, Patrick Crozier, Alice Bachini, David Farrer, Paul Marks and Antoine Clarke, also all present, will also have things to say, here and/or elsewhere.

For more of my first thoughts about this conference, I have posted some reactions to another of the speakers, Professor Christie Davies (author of a book called The Mirth of Nations) over on my recently started Education Blog.

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