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Happy Birthday to Samizdata.net!

One year ago today, we first started blighting the Internet with a pixilated stream of opinions, rants, pictures, invective and sundry insightful pontifications.

Like most bloggers, we started out using www.blogger.com to publish, using the vexed blogspot servers to host our site… and also like so many we migrated to the ever more powerful Movable Type. Nevertheless, credit where credit is due to Evan Williams of Blogger.com for making it possible for blogs to explode onto the Internet scene with such vigour.

Also special thanks to Glenn at Instapundit for providing the inspiration for starting this blog, not to mention a few early links that well and truly got the show on the road for us.

Above all, thanks to Dale Amon for bringing the whole concept of blogging to my attention. If you really love (or hate) us, he is the one you should thank (blame) for getting me started!

Tonight we are having the inevitable party (we never need much of an excuse for a party) at the Black Widow Pub to toast our continuing diatribes.

Thanks to all our readers for coming along for the ride as we lionise all that is right with the world and rail against everything that irks us.

We have only just begun to fight!

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