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Galt’s gulp!

I don’t know who Johnathan Galt is but his name has a certain resonance round these here parts for reasons which don’t need a great deal of explanation.

I do know that he has a website that contains a number of video clips which most certainly look and sound authentic. (You will need some sort of reliable media-playing software to view).

Of particular interest is the footage of a man called Abu Hamza who preaches at the Finsbury Park Mosque situated but a few miles from where I live. According to Mr.Hamza, ‘kuffirs’ (er, that’s us, gentle readers) are fair game for robbery, enslavement and murder. Charming.

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8 comments to Galt’s gulp!

  • jeanne a e devoto

    What, he left out rape?

  • Jacob

    You complained recently about new laws or investigations of hate crimes.
    Why don’t you lodge a complaint with the police about hate crimes commited and submit these clips as evidence?
    Or maybe you are afraid that upon lodging the complaint it is *you* and possibly Johnathan Galt who will be indicted of hate carimes ?!

  • Being a white middle class male is defined as being a hate crime, Jacob.

  • Jacob

    Hate crimes apart, aren’t there laws against incitement to crime ? Could not these preachers be charged under existing laws ?

  • David Carr


    In theory, you are correct. In theory.

    In practice, my complaints would fall on deaf ears and I may even find myself subject to investigation for making them. I even experienced some trepidation about posting the article.

  • mojo

    jonathangaltfilms.com no longer listed in DNS.

    How curious…

  • mojo wrote:
    jonathangaltfilms.com no longer listed in DNS.
    How curious…

    Hello — I’m Johnathan Galt.

    Yes, it is still listed in the DNS

    Note the spelling – with an ‘h’ – you can contact me at: johnathanrgalt@yahoo.co.uk

    When I first started investigating the Islamists I used my real name — I got several death threats and I decided to use the pseudonym “Johnathan Galt”.

    Here is the DNS. However I am not located in Texas a friend registered this name for me. I don’t exist as a real person.

    I have no money and cannot do things requiring registration for myself. I really do exist and a simple Google search would precisely identify me and my family. I don’t want to make this public.

    More info is available at:



    Whois Information from “whois.opensrs.net” about johnathangaltfilms.com

    3522 Gus Thomasson suite 112(279)
    mesquite, texas 75150 US


    Administrative Contact:
    k, j yasmeen_1970@yahoo.com
    3522 Gus Thomasson suite 112(279)
    mesquite, texas 75150
    US 972-911-9111