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“Down with Beauty”

In response to rioting by Muslims in Nigeria which has left over a 100 people dead, the organisers of Miss World have hastily arranged for the whole competition to be moved to Britain.

Rumour has it that the international beauty pageant will resume in Finsbury Park

6 comments to “Down with Beauty”

  • What a SPLENDID choice for location !!

  • Let us hope the British have sense not to do the same. 😉

  • Jacob

    Beware, hosting this depraved event is a provocation against the members of the “peace religion”. If some act of terror ocurs – you will have brought it upon yourselves !

  • Kevin

    After incidents like this, I wonder if and when Americans will finally see that the Emperor has no clothes and stop believing the “Islam means Peace” twaddle spouted by the media and, ahem, the Bush Administration.


  • The idea that Islam is a religion of peace is every bit as ridiculous as the idea that Christianity is a religion of peace. The main religious texts in both advocate extreme intolerance and violence towards nonbelievers.

  • A_t

    … & now that they’re prosperous, most Christians in the West don’t seem so keen on being intolerant & murdering other people, and are happier to aspire to the new audi.

    I’d suggest poverty & ignorance have a lot more to do with these problems than any inherent property of one religion or another.