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All they are is dust in the wind

When I heard on ITV that a car blew up in Yemen, killing six al Qaeda, I just knew it had to be! According to CNN my best hopes have been confirmed:

Video from the scene in Yemen’s oil rich Marib province showed the car blown part, with most of it reduced to black ash in the desert.”

You just can’t take those damned al Qaeda anywhere without them making a complete ash of themselves!

“Sources identified one of the dead as Abu Ali, also known as Qaed Senyan al-Harthi, a former bin Laden security guard who was believed to have played a major role in the October 2000 attack on the destroyer Cole that killed 17 sailors.

Walid Al-Saqqaf, managing editor of the Yemen Times, told CNN that Ali was identified by a mark on his leg, which was blown off in the blast and found nearby. “

Yep, that’s him all over…

I wonder when they’ll bring out a new Looney Tunes series? I’ve got this image in my head of Elmer Fudd getting help from a wascally wabbit for the al Qaeda Season… more fun than duck or rabbit or deer season, and no limits on how many you bag!

5 comments to All they are is dust in the wind

  • Rick

    All I have to say is;


  • CIA drone is being cited as the cause, though my bet is still on Spec Ops copter (reports have the car being machine gunned after a missle attack).

    They were on their way to pay the US ambassador a visit with some explosives (secondary explosions reported).

  • Andrew X

    Tim Blair is reporting that soem Australian nitwittery is comparing this attack with Iranians using a similar method to kill say, Salman Rushdie.

    Let’s see… blowing up a ship, attempting to blow up an ambassador, explosives in the vehicle….


    Writing a book.

    Yep, sound about right to me.

  • Brian

    Call it a policy of preemption… the long arm of the law, indeed!

  • John J. Coupal

    our Spooks have, to date, had a reputation as The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight (1971 movie title).

    It appears that that reputation has become obsolete. Congratulations! More news at 11:00 .