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Democrat dementia

It is not often that I pass comment upon US partisan politics. Yes I have, in the past, railed against American socialists who insist on referring to themselves as ‘liberals’, but, that aside, I tend to avoid analysis of the political battleground in the US if only because our American contributors are so much better disposed to do that than I am or ever could be.

However, once in a while I am prepared to set aside my customary reluctance and grasp that big, American bull by the horns.

On my travels around cyber-space, I happened upon a website called ‘Bartcop’. I have no idea who Mr.Bartcop is, but he is clearly a socialist and a very long way from being anything even resembling a happy man.

Mr.Bartcop also hosts a forum wherein those of a similar disposition are invited to share their thoughts and views and where I found this woefully pathetic thread.

Of course, this may not be representative of the American left in general; merely a reflection of the company that Mr.Bartcop likes to keep. But, if it is a fair cross-section, then I suggest that US Republicans have very little to worry about in the foreseeable future because these people are going, quite literally, out of their minds.

13 comments to Democrat dementia

  • This site seems like a natural choice for the ‘havens of fluorescent idiocy’ category on your links page.

  • Jabba the Tutt

    Bartcop is one sick website, for more of this tripe, check out democratunderground.com, funded by a couple of highlevel Democrat operatives.

    You wrote:
    “But, if it is a fair cross-section, then I suggest that US Republicans have very little to worry about in the foreseeable future because these people are going, quite literally, out of their minds.”

    This has been the case for a long, long time. Bob Beckel, a top Democrat campaign operative, wrote back in 1990 that the Democrats were walking zombies, a brain-dead party.

    The only catch to this is that the Republican Party is the world’s only political party that doesn’t practice politics. They think their Democrat opponents are there to do the right thing, to do the best thing for the country. They constantly try to make compromises with the Democrats and constantly they get rolled. This is why the Republicans have earned the title of The Stupid Party.

    George Bush41, after eight years as Reagan’s Vice President, goes the the Democrats to make a budget deal. Under Reagan, those same Democrats violated every deal they made with Reagan. Bush had learned nothing.

    It’s a sign of how bad, how evil, how disgusting the Democrats are, that Republicans, in spite of their pitiful incompetence actually win some elections. If they had a brain, they’d own Congress. As it is, they lost the Senate and barely hang on to the House. I see no sign that the pubbies have gotten a brain from the Wizard of Oz. This should help non-American readers understand the state of American politics. Think of it as a bunch of Quakers going up against a gang of knife-fighters.

  • Never underestimate the stupidity and cowardice of the Republican party. It’s pretty common for Republican candidates to run for office and during the campaign start weaseling out of every conservative issue in a pathetic effort to appeal to liberals who are going to vote Democrat anyway.

    In a way it’s just as well, though. Because the Democrats are openly nuts, people look closely at them and manage to stop some of their worst excesses. Then the Republicans get in office and push through without resistance the stuff the Democrats couldn’t. For example, the hideously misnamed “USA PATRIOT Act” pushed through Congress by Republicans (with bipartisan support, of course) is just a collection of stuff that Clinton tried to do but couldn’t.

  • Ugh. That’s about the only word that sums up this compendium of self-obsessed navel gazing.

    It’s funny how nearly every post is imbued with an adolescent sense of the dramatic. They all seem to believe they are living through the time of Tribulation or something because Dubya is President. They’re doing everything to convince each other that they’re the victims of persecution and that the iron heel of fascism is about to crush their brave dissenting cries.

    What a bunch of pompous, pious prats.

  • JC

    I’m not surprised that the author favors economic freedom (Republicans) over civil freedom (Democrats) because he lives in England. But in America which IMO has more economic freedom, I perceive the larger threat to liberty as being the Republican Party.

    And yes, it is a logical fallacy (hasty generalization) to condemn an entire group (the Democrats) based upon a small sample of their opinions.

    When given the choice between two evils, I choose the Democrats as a lesser evil. After all, Economic freedoms are easily restored, by a large government, but civil freedoms are no so easily restored by a small centralized government. I think that the road to libertarianism lies through the Democrats instead of the Republicans.

  • Unfortunately it’s not really true that Republicans are in favor of economic freedom. At best they’re in favor of mercantilism–more often than note they’re just as socialist as the Democrats, with disagreement being on the exact means to achieve a socialist end.

    Likewise, the Democrats aren’t in favor of civil freedom. The twits on “Bartcop” are only talking about how oppressed they are because their particular group of socialists isn’t in charge, but those are the same people who cheered Clinton and Reno’s attacks on the Constitution.

  • JC

    Assuming that you are correct, why are the Republicans superior to the Democrats? A link in answer would be fine.

  • That’s a question you should direct towards people who believe it’s true. 🙂

    I think it was L. Neil Smith who coined the name “Boot on Your Neck Party” to refer to both Democrats and Republicans together. That pretty well sums up my opinion of them.

  • The notion that the route to ‘libertarianism’ in the USA lies either with the Republicans OR the Democrats is bizarre. It lies through de-legitimising the entire process of democratically sanctified theft by proxy the two parties preside over. The most effective way to resist is to find ways to not pay the taxes imposed on you, not to waste your time voting and thereby contributing to the fiction of empowerment and representation it gives.

  • Jim C.

    “They all seem to believe they are living through the time of Tribulation or something because Dubya is President.” (Posted by David Lawson at October 30, 2002 08:35 PM)

    That thread does read a lot like they’re members of some cult – the hopelessness, paranoia, the advice that the only way to survive is to socialize with other similar people, the dehumanization and demonization of the other. Added to this are the violent fantasies in complete contradiction with claims of superior virtue. What will happen when this inner struggle becomes too much for them?

    I used to be merely astounded and angry at the left, but I hadn’t seen Bartcop. Now I’m downright scared.

  • So do you think socialists are conservative??

  • Jon

    A person can search far and wide for any website that offers thoughful analysis; could this be the one? So far so good.
    As an 8th grader, I thought I was democrat When I knew everything), high school through the military, a conservative, in my 30’s a libertarian/conspiracy freak, back to conservative.
    Democrats used to be compassionate; they may be bitter now for their losses in Congress; but I feel that their anger would change to pomposity if they had control of government.
    No creativy, no real compassion, and always arrogant. IMNSHO of course.

  • Weeds

    JC convinced me. Econmic freedom is second to social liberty.